May 29, 2019

Resources on the business side of building a SaaS?


I'm a CS guy who's confident in building any applications I can reasonably think of. However, I'm totally illiterate when it comes to starting a business around the application (e.g. marketing, product launch, monetization methods, A/B testing, getting a business license). Are there any recommended resources on these kind of info?

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    Posted this yesterday on another thread, but Stripe Atlas has some awesome guides on the business end to read through:

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    Two suggestions here, one that is right up your alley (assuming that you are interested in going the bootstrapping route): MAKE by Pieter Levels (created NomadList among other things) -- it's tactical and actionable, easy read.

    The other is the content opt in/collection of essays from Rob Walling, you can get it for free on his site