Restarting With Twitter

Hey y’all!

I’ve decided to get a fresh start with Twitter and am looking for some awesome indie hackers to follow. My previous news feed was filled with outrage and it drained me. I took a break, but am coming back pending my mental health can take it 😂.

  1. What’s your twitter account?
  2. What’s the most inspirational, interesting account you follow? Preferably someone who’s building in public

Super excited to get inspired!!

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    1. @arturf124
    2. @hardmaru - all kinds of interesting AI and reinforcement learning in video games
    1. 1

      Also, his tips on organizing Twitter feed helped me a lot

      I now use Lists almost exclusively, so I can have various feeds on specific topics instead of getting a mix of everything served by Twitter algorithm
      (pinning a list adds a separate tab if you use mobile app)

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    1. @christo22694524 - currently building a TTS podcast generator
    2. @soheilpro - building a pretty cool Spotify based product
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      Thanks for the mention, Chris!

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    Sébastien here, nice to meet you! dSebastien

    I recommend Simon: https://twitter.com/SimonHoiberg. He shares insightful content

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    I really enjoy Rand Fishkin's Twitter

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    StanBright here. Maker of SaaSHub & LibHunt.

    I'd recommend following PatWalls.

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    Hi everyone. I'm starting something new this month (at last)

    Follow me: https://twitter.com/MarlonMaquera

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    I am in the same boat as you my twitter is: https://twitter.com/jeffeddev

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