ResumeMaker•Online v2.0 Is Out!

https://www.resumemaker.online 🚀🚀🚀

Hello Indie Hackers Community! It has been more than 2 years since I first launched ResumeMaker.Online and after several cumulative fixes and updates during this time, I’m officially launching the biggest update yet with the version 2.0.

Although most of the changes were under the hood to offer a totally new mobile experience and improve the website performance to achieve a 100/ 100 Google score in all categories, there are some new exciting features!

Now the PDF download looks better than ever. I got rid of some visual artifacts that were present and also listened to major criticism: the rated bars/circles for listing skills. I still think there’s value in them for specific cases, but now users can opt for a simple way to list their skills without any grade or percentage attached to it.

Other important new feature (especially nowadays, with remote work booming) is the location selector, that makes it easier for the users to fill in the appropriate information according to the best practices by the location of the company they are applying for.

There are already new things on my todo list for the near future, but if you have feedback or feature requests please let me know!

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