Landing Page Feedback March 13, 2019

Revamp of Packagr landing page


Hi, I just revamped my landing page. I've moved from an AWS S3 static site with CloudFront to a Netlify-based page, which is now up here

What does everybody think? For comparison purposes, the old site is still available here via the S3 link here:

I've recently had a bit of a drive to grow my product a bit more, and this is just a small part of that. Keen hear feedback from anyone!


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    I would recommend just using a template free/paid.

    First impressions matter, the pricing page isn't designed well at all.

    For pricing you most likely want 4 tiers. Add an enterprise option. Also change the user limits and storage space (1-5-25-enterprise).

    Also you are still missing the key point, highlight that packages get deleted and with Packagr you have that package forever.

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    Hey man - I commented on your last post - a massive improvement in terms of pricing and message- the saving hours of development time brings your USP front and centre. Nice work!

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      Thanks, your feedback was really crucial to this. Nice to know that it's heading in the right direction

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    Much cleaner. Curious why you chose note to use a logo in the upper left? Even if it's just text, users expect it for navigation.

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      Thanks for looking- yeah I'll try and insert that back in