Landing Page Feedback March 16, 2020

Revamped homepage for Skedlo


I finally found some time to update the homepage of Skedlo.
I was so focused building/improving the product that I missed this important part of any SaaS growth.

I improved the wording, the style and added a pricing section.

Would be nice to get some feedback!

How does it looks?


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    Hey @dev_bre. Congrats on the progress so far, overall you have a solid landing page there! :)
    Just a couple of thoughts:

    • I think your first paragraph and headline in the Hero section could be optimized better so that CTA would be visible above the fold. Try to remove some of that extra padding from the top of the headline and maybe also drop some size of the headline itself.

    • The design of the pricing cards below could be made clearer and easier to compare if the height of the cards would be the same. For inspiration check -

    • Footer at the moment looks a bit imbalanced, maybe you could try to center the content of it for a more balanced look.

    • I love how you are showing the actual app with animated videos. Showing the product in action definitely can increase the engagement, well done.

    Hope it helps and keep up the good work!

    1. 2

      Great feedback thanks! I will update the homepage with suggestions in the next couple of days.

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      Just a quick update. I managed to update the homepage following most of your suggestions.
      What do you think now?

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        Hero section looks much better now.

        I see that you also worked on cards. What I would do , is to also align the CTA buttons. I understand that Pro plan has a way more bullet points, but you could say something like: "All features included in Entry & Startup plans" + and then have those extra features. It would spare you some extra space and allow to align CTAs.