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In the age of lockdown, many of us are turning to quizzes to bide our time. I am working on a platform that brings those people together to share their trivia with the world.

In my previous post, I introduced what Trivl is. Now the design has been completed, would love to hear your thoughts on the Figma prototype.

View the prototype

How did you find the experience?
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    Hey, overall you information architecture is pretty good.

    Some things that stuck out a bit to me:

    1. Your hero image seems fairly empty / not related thematically to the site.
    2. You might consider a color palette that's a bit brighter. I could definitely see each of the main categories being a specific color, might help spruce up the intro.

    Btw, the "see more" link goes to the wrong place. I'm guessing it should go to "categories."

    I'd really lean into pushing a really interesting trivia question. Get that first click, then prompt them to continue exploring different categories and questions etc.

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback Ben. Nice catch on the "view more" link, i have gone ahead and fixed that.

      You are right the hero image doesn't serve much of a purpose so might remove it. As for the palette, I went for a moon soaked forest at night palette to mimic an owls habitat.

      As for adding colour on categories, i tend to use colour as a tool to focus your eyes or where it has meaning.

      This is also user-generated content so each category would need a colour which either means a lot of colours (potentially risking the visual identity) or a fixed palette and duplicates.

      I like the idea of having a random question at the top, it's the focus of the platform after all so will experiment and see what i can come up with.

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