Revue has joined Twitter

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    This is pretty big news for creators and indie hackers alike. Twitter is easily one of the biggest distribution and marketing channels for…

    • newsletter authors
    • bloggers
    • podcasters
    • community builders
    • investors
    • gamers
    • sex workers
    • etc.

    People are motivated to grow, so they use Twitter. But people are even more motivated to make money. If Twitter makes it easy for its users to monetize on the platform itself, I predict usage and interest will skyrocket. Building a high-quality Twitter audience will become much more valuable if people believe they can make a living from it.

    Opportunity for IHers: build tools, guides, and resources for these people. In other words, help people make money. That's usually a great spot to be in.

    A good example is Dan Rowden who's making better Twitter analytics: https://ilo.so

    Not sure this is good news for major competing platforms, though. Thinking of Patreon, Gumroad, Substack, OnlyFans, etc. None of these help much with distribution, so if Twitter copies their functionality it'll be a superior option for many of their creators.

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      Fan of what @dr is building.

      "Opportunity for IHers: build tools, guides, and resources for these people. In other words, help people make money. That's usually a great spot to be in."

      Love this opportunity. Create shovels to help miners in a gold rush.

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    And this is why I advised everyone not to tie themselves to Revue.

    You can do your own newsletter, your own monetization, without paying a company that only cares about profit.

    Yes, Twitter, et al., keep making things easier... For them to own everything.

    'Yeah, but everyone is on Twitter/using Revue'. Exactly!

    I'm new to posting but been here since Indie Hackers got running. It just never ceases to amaze me that we all are so happy to keep making it harder to be Independent.

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      I agree with this way of thinking. However I dunno what the alternative is for most folks. I (purposefully) don't rely on building an audience, but I know that many do.

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        One touted future is decentralised social network protocol - something backed by Jack Dorsey.

        My understanding is data on blockchain with apps providing read/write views so nobody tied to any platform.

        Dorsey wants Twitter to be a client of protocol (I assume because it would release twitter from role of world's free speech moderator).

        Given our current (lightly-censored) social media is already a cesspool, I can't see how unfettered read/write for all is going to bring a brighter new world.

        Expect more QAnon for one. And easier access to material that FB etc censor.

        Which implies apps need to censor. So authors could still be de-"apped" if not de-"platformed" ??

        Maybe I'm wrong.

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          Yeah gotta admit I feel like social media is already a cesspit and in my opinion it needs more moderation.

          I couldn't care less about those who cry "free speech".

          Free speech isn't a thing and it never has been. More saliently when people cry "free speech" they are usually referring to their constitutional rights which have absolutely nothing to do with how a private company chooses to deal with their own platform.

          Apple, Google and AWS are within their rights to de-platform people who trade in hate and bigotry. Other platforms willing to host them will come to the fore, this is how supply and demand works.

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    This passage is particularly interesting: “...allowing people to sign up for newsletters from their favorite follows on Twitter... It will all work seamlessly within Twitter...”

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      Twitter's allowing creators to monetize their audiences soon it seems ;)

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    I personally as a newsletter reader, that the processes of adding my email to a sub stack newsletter I find is tedious. I want a sub stack account as a reader where it shows all my newsletters there that I have signed up for so I can read. Distribution is much needed.

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    View this link to see what the founder of Revue has written about joining Twitter.

    • Pro publishing is now part of our free offering! You can now use all the features that were only available on our Pro plans at no cost.
    • We are lowering our transaction fee on newsletter subscriptions to 5%, making it easier for you to switch to a paid newsletter.
    • For now, we'll continue to operate as a standalone business. But expect to hear more on how we’re working with Twitter soon.
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      I'm kinda excited about this.

      I've been on Twitter so long and it's the only social media platform I really want to hang out on.

      With Twitter Spaces and newsletters it could become a real winner.

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        Totally agree @rosiesherry! With Twitter also recently acquiring Breaker and having their team* work on Spaces, I think this is a really interesting ecosystem they're putting together for creators.

        Edit: Breaker team working spaces—edited for clarity!

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          I think they were planning to kill Breaker but then sold off the app to some other company. So Twitter itself isn't actually getting into podcasting. But Spaces are exciting :)

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            Ah yes thank you @csallen, edited for clarity!

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        Twitter has been on a tear with these acquisitions. I'm excited to see how they are going to integrate it all together.

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