Revue is experimenting with a sign-up button on Twitter profiles

Revue has their very own newsletter, and they recently asked their readers what they wanted to hear more of. One of the top suggestions was more updates on the Revue product, even small updates.

Near the end of the email, Anna shares something which I am very excited about. A button on your Twitter profile that allows for easy sign-ups.

PS. Speaking of keeping you updated on Revue, you’ll love to hear this: Last week was Hack Week, and we experimented with a way to add a super easy newsletter sign-up button on Twitter profiles for creators like you. We’ll keep working on that. Stay tuned.

The snippet above has been taken straight from their latest issue (https://www.getrevue.co/profile/the_week_in_newsletters/issues/that-is-the-content-i-want-to-read-427494), and it has me super excited.

What do you guys think about this potential new feature? Does it make you want to start your own Revue newsletter, or will you stick with the alternatives?

I would love to hear your thoughts!

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