Roast it? Toast it? We need unbiased landing page feedback!

We just launched a new landing page geared towards readers (we will make a different one for content creators). We are going to base all the other landing pages on this one so I want to get some feedback about it before we keep cranking.

Any comments are appreciated! Thanks!


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    Hmm. Why don't you have any lists on your front page?

    In other words: Indie Hackers is (mainly) a collection of posts. What's on IH front page? Posts.
    Hacker news is collection of posts. What's on HN front page? Posts.
    Yada yada yada is a collection of lists. What should be on your front page?

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      The home page is here: YadaYadaYada.io
      Should we add a list to this landing page as well?

      1. 2

        Oh, you have a separate landing page from home page. Missed the URL path there, sorry.

        Should we add a list to this landing page as well?

        Yes, absolutely! Show, don't tell. Even better if you should dogfood yourself and do that kind of landing page as a list rather than a separate webpage.

        Edit: I felt that after reading a whole lot of the landing page I'm still not sure what "list" and "guide" means in your context. I think that would be solved by showing examples as early on as possible (or using list/guide as a landing page).

        1. 1

          Thanks for the feedback!

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