Roast me again; I've updated Tutorbook's landing page.

Check out: https://tutorbook.app

I'm a high school Junior now. I've been working on @tutorbook for far too long (I probably should've stopped after year one and just cut my losses haha).

But I didn't and here I am! I made a post like this before, and got some pretty good--and admittedly well deserved--roasts by folks like @dmyers5:

The design looks just like Intercom (https://www.intercom.com).
I'd roast you, but how do I know you're not just a copy of the real "Nicholas Chiang"?
Was this your homework? Looks like plagiarism to me and no citing of sources.

I've since made some substantial updates to the landing page and Tutorbook's offerings in general.

Do you understand what my product is? What I'm offering? Do you know who my user base is? Do you know who I'm marketing to?

Any feedback would be great; the meaner the better.

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    First and foremost congratulations! You've shipped again. That's a great feeling isn't it?
    It looks like you built a truckload of features and I hope that you've validated what you're building before going so deep into the rabbit hole.
    If you did, you'll know because your MRR will be jumping from zero to thousands over a short period of time.
    The reason I say that is that I can see exactly what a pain in the back it would be to handle all those operations without a system that can handle it all.

    Do I understand what the app does. Yes!
    Can it be improved. Certainly so!
    Here are a couple of tips/ideas/feedback

    1. The videos that are playing on your homepage, need to have a big play button and shouldn't play automatically on page load, by the time I scroll the videos were all finished and it wasnt clear why
    2. I understand you dont have a call to action in the middle of the page above the fold, but why?
    3. Where's your pricing? Any clue as to how much this would cost, would be dope! is it free? then be OBVIOUS about that
    4. The pre-footer CTA that says Contact Us doesn't work :(

    There's probably more, this was just a good few ideas for you to thinker!
    Good luck!

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      As for the feature wormhole, these were all things that were requested by orgs that are currently using Tutorbook (e.g. QuaranTunes and my high school).

    2. 1

      Hmm, yeah, I've got to work on the CTA (it's using Intercom right now but the Intercom script is loaded by Segment so if you have tracking blockers then Intercom isn't loaded at all.... which is a serious problem that I'm addressing using a custom proxy for Segment's CDN).

      And then, yeah, I've got to be clearer about the pricing model. Right now, it's gonna be free forever for nonprofits and schools but will cost a fee (e.g. 10% of all money made on the platform) for paid organizations (e.g. private tutor companies).

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    @nicholaschiang Will be sending you a feedback today through ruttl. Look out for it in the comments!

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      Have I got to signup or do anything for Ruttl to see your feedback? Or are you gonna post a link once you've finished?

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