Roast my 3D landing page!

Landing page: https://MockRocket.io

Hey everyone!

So last year I quit my engineering job to indie hack full time, and I've spent most of my time developing MockRocket.io, a tool for creating animated 3D app mockups and product videos, right from your web-browser.

Over a year and a half after starting on this project, it's finally out of private beta and ready to use. It's been an incredibly hard thing to build, (especially while running a couple other indie businesses on the side) and I'm still just getting started. I'm planning to dedicate the next few years, full time, to making this project better and better.

I just finished up v1.0 of my landing page, complete with some interactive 3D graphics using WebGL, and I wanted to know what some fellow indie hackers think.

It's a fairly short page–I'll be adding some pricing and about pages soon, as well as templates, examples and testimonials, as soon as they're ready.

Some things I'm curious about:

  • Is the value proposition clear? Do you get what the tool does and why it could help you?
  • The 3D graphics - exciting? fun? tacky? distracting?
  • What are you left wondering?
  • Would click the CTAs to get started? Why or why not?
  • Any issues or ideas for copy, layout, fonts or color scheme?
  • Any bugs?

In exchange for feedback, I'm happy to make you a free animated mockup video of your app/website! Just let me know in the comments or shoot me a dm on Twitter

Thanks so much!

  1. 3

    Feedback based on spending roughly 2 minutes looking at the landing page, 60 seconds watching the "Getting Started" video and 2 minutes playing with the app.

    • Is the value proposition clear? Do you get what the tool does and why it could help you?
      Yep. If have an app and I want to make some 3D marketing material for it where my app is displayed on a device... your app makes doing that easier.

    • The 3D graphics - exciting? fun? tacky? distracting?
      I would say you have just the right amount and it looks good. Seeing as you are selling an app that deals in 3D graphics, it makes sense to have some 3D graphics on the landing page. However, on page load, I did experience a little bit of stutter with the purple bubbles. You'll want to make sure anything that has to do with 3D graphics is super smooth, given that this is what you are selling.

    • What are you left wondering?
      Honestly, nothing that would prevent me from going ahead and try the app.

    • Would click the CTAs to get started? Why or why not?
      I did, and I would again, if I was looking for this kind of solution. Free trial with no sign up was a big factor in me clicking it.

    • Any issues or ideas for copy, layout, fonts or color scheme?
      See above comments about the 3D purple bubbles.

    • Any bugs?

    Kudos on making this. It looks really cool and I can appreciate the technical challenges of making an in-browser 3D development tool.

    1. 1

      Fantastic feedback, thank you! I think I may defer loading the 3D bubbles and fade them in after they're ready to eliminate that stutter

  2. 2

    This looks awesome! Very easy to understand what it is and wish I could've used this for the last app I built. I would've used it to include in my presentations for startup competitions and the class I was building the app for.

    1. 1

      Thank you! Please feel free to try it out next time you need app mockups and let me know what you think!

  3. 2
    • yes
    • fun and exciting, but also makes my browser stutter like crazy. the videos down low didn't load either (Linux/Chrome w/ ublockorigin happy to send you more specific info if it's helpful to debug) until like a min or two on the page. I'd get rid of the top ones in particular because they even made it so the button wasn't clickable for a bit (cursor wouldn't change till they had finished loading)
    • thought it was p clear and straightforward, good copy!
    • no, the page lag after I scrolled really bothered me and made it so the button wasn't clickable
    • think once the stutter stuff is fixed it'll be chill
    • what I mentioned above!
    1. 1

      Ooh good catch, thank you. Someone else mentioned the stutter as well. Have not done much testing on Linux yet, but I really should. If you happen to know your CPU / GPU versions that actually would be useful! I should probably be smarter about toning that down or falling back to something else depending on the performance

      1. 1

        Intel(R) Core(TM) i7-7600U CPU @ 2.80GHz
        Intel Corporation HD Graphics 620

  4. 1

    I opened the site on my s8 running chrome, and the site runs so slowly to the point that I can't even scroll.

    I would try to fix up the performance issues, but apart from that, I like the movement of everything

  5. 1

    First things first: I love that you're drinking your own kool-aid, i.e. actually using your 3D elements in practice. I don't think they're tacky at all, as long as they don't affect your site loading speed because that could affect your SEO and visitors. It was a bit slower for me, but that could be my computer. If you're in a pinch, I'd remove the more typical 3D animations like zooming in and out.

    The UVP is very clear, well done!

    I probably wouldn't click to sign up because I run a copywriting business, but I'm absolutely open to ideas about using MockRocket for that, too. I also love that we can try it no signup required because that's usually a huge hurdle to conversions.

    Regarding the copy itself, I'd probably emphasize how quick MockRocket is (if it is) because one of the main objections to conversion could be: Ugh, is this gonna take as long as other tools? (They take ages)

    Hope this helps! :)

  6. 1

    What are you using for authetication? Built it on your own or using any third party authentication system.

  7. 1

    Hey Derek. Really slick landing page. I like that your features sections clearly explain your advanced features and who they're targeted towards. Your layout is great and the fonts are appropriately weighted in each section. The 3D elements on the page really show off what's possible with your technology.

    My one critique is that your value prop is "i make doing this easy" when i feel like it should be more along the lines of "this is why you need 3d mockups" and then as a secondary headline, explain how easy you make it.

    Do you have any data from your beta customers about the advantages of 3D mockups? do they help conversion rates on the app store or anything. I feel like if you had some data that said like 'app w/ 3d mockups doubled their sales" or even like "40 of the top 50 apps use 3d mockups", that would convey that this provides more value than just like a Canva template with a screenshot on it (something i've used in the past).

    Overall, really great job on this. Good luck, I hope this succeeds.

  8. 1

    • The 3d animations are cool, you can build a strong identity with it.

    • It's very laggy on a 2019 MacBook Pro (I use Safari for better battery life). I'd use a video instead. If the homepage is laggy, it doesn't inspire confidence with the product itself...

    • All your selling points are about your product. Instead they should be about how great I will be when using your product. I would recommend reading this blog post. Looking at Rotato it's all about what I can achieve with their app.

    Don't give up and keep grinding!

  9. 1

    Probably not intended to be used on mobile, but...

    When I accessed the landing page my phone ground to a halt.

    Strangely clicking through to try it out was less stuttery, but the page layout seemed like it was (sensibly) designed for a larger screen.

    The idea seems cool.

    I would maybe put some alternate content or at least a warning for users on devices that the site isn't optimised for.

    Also, this is maybe a bit shady and/or counter intuitive. But you could change the landing page so that it doesn't have a live demo of the product on it. It seems like it's the thing that makes things slow down. If the goal is to communicate what the product is then you could probably manage that with an image or video which would work on all devices and have a separate link to a live demo.

    At the moment, the landing page might put people off depending on what device they use the check it out.

  10. 1

    I respect all the effort that went into this but It's very slow on mobile. Everything lags, terrible ux.
    And it's not that visually interesting tbh.
    I'm curious about why you think this project has a chance to be lucrative. Who's your target audience ?

  11. 1

    Very clear & professional! I like it.

    When I clicked on "Get started, it's free" the next page took 5 seconds to load without loading indicator.

  12. 1


    First of all, it looks good! I like the idea!

    But, it's veery laggy to me (desktop).

    Here's my computer running before I open your site https://imgur.com/a/iG1pce5

    And this is when I open your site https://imgur.com/a/AQaC6L7

    It almost freezes everything.

  13. 1

    Reeeeally nice.
    Clearly value prop, sexy graphics. I totally get it and why I would use it.

    I take it you've done some graphics programming before this or you're using a bunch of off-the-shelf stuff cos the shaders (lighting, DoF, blur/bloom, etc) are really nice! Well done.

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