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do your worst :).

Specifically would love feedback on: the proposed value proposition, copy, and just generally if you feel like it's a service you'd want.

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    This is such an interesting service! It'll be great to include your background of a market researcher in the description itself since that's a big part of the usp here. I'm sure you will able to derive some non obvious insights from these interviews and guide the client compared to someone doing just an outreach.

    casestudybuddy.com is a different use case, but their way of communicating the benefits can be applied here as well.

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      Fantastic advice, will add right now. Thanks for linking that company too.

      Glad you like the idea!

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    It’s interesting. I’ve performed user interviews for research in grad school. I’m reading The Mom Test since I’ve seen it recommended around here so many times.

    I see the pricing jumped from ~$30 to $100. The $30 is low compared to the overall market; however, you are listed on fiverr, which is the low end of the market. In the past (and maybe still), companies like Fiverr devalue your work and reputation.

    With regards to pricing, I guess one of my worries is the wide-ranging quality of interviews. I see the some interview examples, which is good. But, what I’d actually like to see are summaries with actionable insights and user quotes. I don’t want to have to go back and watch the interviews. Examples of that would be nice.

    In addition, I may be trying to validate my own idea before doing competitive research. So having that option would be a good avenue for a similar service.

    I spend on average ~$25/gig on Fiverr just to try different things. Maybe you could have a single interview for a lower price. I am also curious how you attract participants without giving them gift cards or other incentives. You may accidentally be biasing your results towards a certain type of user.

    Your bio looks good:

    I'm a market researcher with a background in software development. I got my degree in CS from UC Berkeley, and have done competitive market research for dozens of startups. I value both qualitative and qualitative methods of research.

    But someone with experience in the field may want to know specifics, and you should describe in detail what you do:

    • Quantitative Surveys
    • Qualitative Interviews
    • Qualitative Participant-observation

    If you have experience in research groups, I’d love to see that too. If I’m going to spend $100 on it, I’ll gladly read more than three sentences to convince myself.

    Also, under 21 Days Delivery, it says:

    • 3 participants
    • 20 participants
    • 3 participants

    Maybe it should just say 3 participants?

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      Yes to all of these! Finishing up my first job, then will update accordingly. Thanks for the very thorough feedback :)

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    The price seems insanely low, I would raise it to $99 absolute minimum - whatever it takes make it be priced out so you make at least $30/hour. Second thing - maybe structure it on the page like this: Here is what I offer, here is why I am skilled in doing it, here is an example. That's a logical flow - offering, bio, example. When the video started I thought it was you talking about your personal background I didn't immediately get that it was an example of someone talking about a competitive service. You need to put a header or video intro on the interview that clearly says "here is an example" because you mention the example under the video where it's too late to shape my expectation of what I am watching. Obviously, I wasn't really focussing when I misunderstood the video but assume most people aren't either. I think the example you use in the video is kind of light on details, the user isn't really spilling his guts or getting grilled about what he likes or doesn't like, he sounds unguided and meandering. See if you can get an example where the user is working off a sharp list of questions and spitting out real nuggets of insight.

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      I also thought the video was of you and not a user.

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      This is great advice.
      Yes, will look into improving the video: seems like this is a recurring confusion point for the people who gave me feedback!

      Re: pricing, yep i'm new to Saas: coming from consumer apps $30 seems incredibly high haha. 99$ seems perfect.

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    Hi Brian, this sounds like a very nice service. The price also seems very low!

    Here's my feedback: https://screenbud.com/s/9ryAxe0gHBm

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      Thanks for the feedback! this tool is awesome as well.

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