Roast My Idea: Automatically Turn Your Instagram Feed into a Newsletter Digest

I run a semi-successful instagram page about art (The Kash Collection) with ~65,000 followers.

Since we all know email is the best marketing channel, I wanted to convert my audience to an email newsletter.

The Idea
A tool that automatically converts your Instagram feed into a weekly or monthly email.

For example, it might include the week's top 5 performing posts into a well-designed email newsletter for you to send to subscribers. You'd also have the option of adding additional content.

I believe that this could be a valuable service for influencers and other businesses who focus heavily on Instagram marketing.

The Questions
Would you use this service? If so, how much would you pay for it?

If you wouldn't use this service, do you think it would be valuable for others?

  1. 1

    Yes, I also think that as subscribers grow, this procedure will be complicated. I am sure that such a newsletter is a great tool, and you are great!
    But be careful with these workflows. Automated sending is obviously spam. This can turn off customers.

  2. 1

    Have you talked to 10 people with larger Instagram accounts?

    How hard is to to copy and paste 5 Instagram posts into an email? How valuable do they find it?

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