Roast my landing page

Hi Indies,

Would love to get some feedback on my landing page at https://organized.ly

I'll be glad to return the favour :)

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    Hi Gabriel, I think your landing page looks clean and shows off your product well!

    My first reaction was "Oh, this is something like Notion". So I'm wondering if you'd consider having an "Organizedly vs Notion" page, or at least a blurb clarifying how you are different.

    Seems to me (though certainly not an expert on your product or market) like this is a somewhat crowded space (though it appears you have your own twist on it, for example with the calendering integrated), so you might have "Organizedly vs [Other alternative]" pages too?

    Lastly, given that Notion's personal usage has a free tier, I was a little wary of only having a two-week trial. Obviously [freemium vs trial vs other model] is a big decision that involves a lot of thought, so not telling you to change it. Just giving you my initial reaction!

    Best of luck with Organizedly!!

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      Hi Matt! Thanks a lot for providing feedback - much appreciated.

      Certainly, adding comparisons to other tools might make it easier for visitors to understand my USPs and how it is different from to 1000 other tools. Worth considering :)

      I have been considering adding a freemium option. Likely to release that early next year.

      Thanks for taking the time to write feedback.

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