Roast my landing page!

Hello everyone!

I am a partner in startup called Sertifier. I will not explain what we do, I just wanted ask you guys to go into the website and just give me your honest feedback. As best as you can. I've been meaning to do that since I saw a similar post, so here it goes!


Anything that seems funny on your browser, any sentence that does not make sense... everything is welcome.

I could also use any ideas that comes to your mind about how you would improve the product in general!

-- If anyone interested to go on and try the full product, it's free to use without any promise, so I would really appreciate it--

Thanks a lot!

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    Thoughts as I check out the page:

    • Green + "certificates" makes me think financial. Had to read top description (automation tool) to take a guess at internet (SSL) certificates
    • Reading sub description (education data collection, smart certificates, open badges) makes me confused again. "smart certificates" makes me think crypto. At this stage I really don't know what you do. (And if it wasn't for you asking for feedback, I would bounce)
    • Ah!! Once I see the image for "Design Credentials" it makes sense now. You make paper printed credentials.
    • "View Earnings" is a weird section. How am I making money issuing credentials?
    • How do you track skill assessments? Are you surveying people about skills or are you providing classes and you are showing which classes people are taking (And thus skills they are developing)?
    • Integrate Anything - why do I want to integrate with anything?
    • Stats: depending on your geo will change where the $ should be. As an ignorant American, it is weird seeing it behind the number. Also your % should be consistent (or is that another American ignorance?).
    • "START USING FOR FREE TO SEE THE BENEFITS YOURSELF" is weird wording. Maybe something like, "Start using Sertifier for free to see the benefits for yourself".
    • What's more? > Integrations: "Do not change what you like, just connect it" I am getting the hint that English is not a native language here, if that is the case I'd suggest working with a copy editor.
    • What's more? > Academy. : Not sure why "Academy" has a period at the end. And this starts to make it sound like you are a LMS which hasn't really been discussed up to this point (or even defined).

    I actually think your "How it works" page is 10x better than your landing page. You should just use that. It isn't perfect, but it doesn't have a lot of the issues mentioned above (e.g. there are a lot of broken images on the page). I think you can replace the section navigation at the top and replace with your improved hero text + testimonials (companies using you) and then the rest of the page.

    Is "Smart Certificates" and "Open Badges" industry terms? If not, I would recommend dropping "smart" and "open".

    Hope that helps!

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      Wow! @ryanjm thanks a lot for that great comment! I appreciate the great time and effort for it. Yes, English is not my native language and even though I consider myself pretty advanced, I always felt that some of the sentences on the landing page were a little confusing to natives -or maybe others too. So, thanks again.

      Will definitely discuss everything else with the team, especially your views about "how it works" page.


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    • "easy" green background overlaps neighboring words which feels a bit unprofessional
    • the chat on the bottom right sometimes blends in with the background on the page as I scroll down. Makes it hard to read and it is distracting. Maybe just have a "chat" icon and let me decide to interact with chat?
    • the initial huge gif is very distracting when I first land on the page and try to read the top to figure out what your site is about
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      can I ask what kind of device and web browser you used? We may need to check it for the alignments.

      Thanks a lot for the great comment!

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        Here's what I'm seeing: https://imgur.com/a/YGwerjK . Not sure what info is useful to you but it's a macbook pro using firefox.

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    The videos are awesome, but rotate too quickly. As I'm puzzling through what they mean and how I could use them, they flash to something else. Similar complaint to the carousel directly below - it's distracting that what I'm reading keeps flashing

    The webfonts flicker on initial load, which is a little distracting

    The hero confused me, since I thought it would be about issuing SSL certificates or something. I'm not sure if there's a way to clarify, or even whether it's a real problem (most people aren't in tech)

    This looks pretty great overall!

    1. 1

      I always hated the confusion between SSL certificates :(

      I will find the in-between pace to make videos both easy to read and not distracting at the same time.

      Thank you so much for the comment and the nice words :))

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    Hey Mertakin, I really love the tool!

    I'd definitely simplify the hero section. The two main benefits I'd touch on would be automating certifications, and keeping track of how they're making you money. They're essentially a referral revenue channel, which is incredibly important, so I'd put that front and center.

    Maybe a subheading like: "Sertifier automates your certificates, and shows you just how much money they're making you."

    I think this would really intrigue visitors to scroll down to your features section or watch your demo. Your copy in the features section is also really good, so I recommend reviewing the rest of your landing page with that in mind. :)

    1. 2

      Yes @LanaRafaela, you may be quite right! I always wondered whether that money making feature is confusing to others or not, I guess I should do a A/B testing.

      Thank you for that great recommendation!

      Cheers :)

      1. 1

        You're welcome. :D Definitely A/B test it, but I think it should be a major competitive advantage for your product, and it's very interesting.

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    It feels monotonous.
    The green puts me back, is not making me stay because it has too much text.

    Make use of white space. The popup should be closed, to avoid annoying the visitor, I see a pop up opened and I simply go away...

    1. 1

      I see... it's a bit sad that it drove you away. We will definitely consider these things.

      Thanks a ton for the useful feedback.

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    I am probably not the target group so keep this in mind! Maybe when someone of your target group reads this, they know exactly what everything means but I was puzzled by most of the text.

    I found it really hard to understand who this is for. And I find that first sentence very hard to understand ("all-in-one education data collection tool that ..."). Then something about money. Everything didn't make sense to me but I am also not in the educational space.

    Also, minor issue, on mobile the initial chat box covers too much of the screen.


    1. 1

      First of all, @Badestrand, thanks a lot for the comment :)

      Can you tell me your device and web browser, so that I can check for that chat box issue?

      Even though, you are not the target group, I want the message to be as clear as possible. So, your comments are much appreciated. Thanks a lot!

      1. 1

        About the chat box: Relatively recent high end Android, default browser (so Chrome I think).

        Wanted to make a screenshot but can only reproduce it in incognito mode because cookies and in incognito I can't make screenshots..

  7. 2

    looks good, anchor text was hard to understant.

    1. 1

      thanks a lot! will definitely check a better version :)

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    This looks amazing. I'm a business school prof and I've been looking for a way to create a certificate for one of my classes. Thanks!

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