Roast my landing page - all feedback is appreciated.

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    It's clean. However, it's clean to the point where it feels too generic IMO.

    Looking at (and reading) the feature page, the product has some fantastic features, but because of the design, it just feels kind of... meh (I feel like a dick writing this, but it's my honest opinion).

    Here are some things I would consider:

    1. Create a logo, or choose a unique typeface.
    2. Play around with the color palette to make some sections "pop" more.
    3. I wouldn't center the text of the header. I would align all elements to the left, so it's aligned with the container.
    4. (if you have paying customers) maybe consider using a chunk of profit to bring on a freelance designer. Either to spice up the landing page or maybe to create some custom illustrations.
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      Thank you for the tips.

      I have wanted to redesign the landing page for quite some time and your points are valid and truly helpful. :)

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    Hi, a lot has been suggested by others here. My 2 cents is that the features should definitely be on the landing page.

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      I agree. I will move the features, show them on the landing page and also show more screenshots of the app/usage instead of general illustrations.


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    I will give you some design tips.

    1. Add more margin/padding between the sections
    2. Get a better logo
    3. Use better type face like graphik or open sans
    4. Have a consistence colour scheme
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      Great tips. I am quite new to design so I struggled a bit and all of these points are very useful to me. Thank you ;)

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    Nit-picky suggestion: Left-align the text and buttons in the header at the top. "Shorter and more powerful links"

    More substantial suggestion: The second panel on this landing page is the big sell, IMO. I know of URL shorteners, but besides bit.ly (which I find complicated), I don't know of that have A/B testing, analytics, etc. I'd love to see that featured "above the fold" here.

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      I liked the buttons in the center of the header because it felt a bit different but I will think about it a bit more. I have to look at other SaaS startups and get inspiration from their landing pages - especially about the right way to showcase the features and the application right on the landing page because it is quite general right now.

      Thank you for the tips and I will make sure to consider them when doing a redesign.

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      Short.io covers pretty much anything you would need.

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    Here are few thoughts focusing on three areas.

    1. Product:
    • It's clear that the tool helps shorten links but not clear, so what?

    Why would some want to shorten the link? in what situations?
    It might be that having a personalized link improves your SEO or click rate. Or that % of people don't click if the link appears irrelevant, etc. Or Hop.2page helps you attract more potential buyers to your product page in two/three easy steps.

    1. Target Users
      -As others mentioned, it comes across as generic

    What problems would disappear by shortening/customizing the links? And going further, so what?
    Are potential customers now using multiple tools-one to shorten another test or what? Is it a matter of struggling to collect data?
    What tangible and intangible impacts does the use of your service have on the users?

    There are the basic things in terms of time, money, frustrations, etc. But also inject emotions. What emotions do they want less of, and what do they want more of?

    Even if you don't know for sure answers to these questions, you could start with what needs have prompted you to build this tool.

    1. Design to align product and users
      -Right now, it's not clear who will benefit and why
      "Turn long, boring links into custom branded short URLs." -why should I care about that? is it about boring? or that I am losing customers who might not click because the link is irrelevant?

    Adding images of people who might be using your product showing the emotions you are after will help communicate it. In general, using pictures with people showing their backs is not a great idea because subconsciously our brains don't feel safe.

    Another thing, I often miss the about us page or section on why founders developed their product and connection to the problem they are solving. It humanizes the product and starts building trust.

    Best of Luck, Filip.

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      Thank you so much for taking the time to write this great and constructive feedback. I completely agree with all of the mentioned improvements, especially about being more specific with what issues the product solves.

      I will also create the about us page. It has been on my taskboard for quite some time because I was not sure if people actually read them but your feedback assured me that it is a good idea and makes the brand more honest.

      Good luck with your projects and again, thank you.

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    Traditionally, I tried to ask myself questions frequently asked at Y Combinator Startup School to define good landing pages from bad ones:

    What's call-to-action? Not sure. Create an account? Sign up? Shorten? Sign up for free?
    When was my "Aha!" moment? Rather quickly when I saw Links and Shortener
    Is it just for me? Not sure why I should switch from bit.ly
    Does it look trustworthy? Yes, except the app screenshots with cactus
    Who else uses this product? Not sure
    How much is it? What's the trick? Took time to find it in FAQ
    Where can I find help? Contact us is visible enough, OK

    I'd advice to fix the missing stuff above. It will help.

    Check mine, too, please: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/my-fake-it-till-you-make-it-hardware-startup-landing-page-how-trustworthy-is-it-for-you-why-4110e8b2d3

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      I wish I knew the Y Combinator Startup questions a bit earlier but nonetheless, they are probably the best thing I have learned/read in a few weeks. Thank you for this very straightforward yet extremely valuable feedback. I will fix it and also take a look at your startup.

      Thank you and good luck with your project. :)

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        You are welcome!

        I use my lecture transcripts from YC really often in my daily life.

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      OMG! That framework is tight!

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        It works really good for me. You can keep it and try later with any other website. I bet it will work :-)

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    Hi, here's my 2cents:

    1. The product message is clear.
    2. "More powerful" is a little generic and doesn't really say anything.
    3. I would try to emphasis where these short links can help me. In emails? In social campaigns? Show me how it makes my life better, how would I use it.
    4. This is a crowded market. How is it different from many other shorteners out there?
    5. Hop2.page is not really short. Not sure how much it matters, but just saying...

    Good luck

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      I get the "how is this different from..." question quite a lot due to the number of URL shorteners out there and it is true that I should make sure that the landing page shows our strengths and advantages. The goal of Hop2 is to make a URL shortener that is affordable not only for big companies but also for small and indie startups. I also want a URL shortener that offers various link features so users don't have to switch between multiple services and pay for many subscriptions.

      Thank you very much for the feedback, I will keep them in mind when changing the site.

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    First of all, I love the title of this post :)

    Page looks great. Clean, clear message. Things I would consider:

    • The image on the right doesn't help at all. Generic, doesn't really relate to links. Test removing or trying a new one. Maybe a gif of a before and after link to highlight the "shorter" part
    • Echoing @onerinas, I don't know what "more powerful" means. Maybe the subheader (currently "turn long, boring links...") is more explanatory. "A super short link with tracking, password protection, and more..."
    • I would explore putting the "shorten" CTA above the "create an account". Show me how awesome this is before I sign up, not after.
    • Love the stuff below the fold. Great job highlighting what it does...but if this is a LP for paid, few people will scroll that far / consume that much. Great material to break up into separate pages and retarget
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    i would niche it down probably and make it more specific for some use case. Maybe gamers?

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    Hey Filip,

    It's clear what the product is about.

    Shorter and more powerful links

    in this, not sure if I understand in one go what "more powerful links" is. Is the intention to refer to features like charts, A/B testing, and password projection?

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      You are right. The “more powerful links” is referring to all the features (analytics, password protection, …) our service offers.

      I can see that it can be confusing and I will change the wording in the redesign.

      Thanks :)

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