Roast my landing page and I will roast yours v4

It's a beautiful Monday, I want to review landing pages and get mine roasted as well.

Post your landing page below and I'll roast it using the ABCD framework. I'll tell you:

  • what's Awesome
  • what's Boring
  • what's Confusing
  • what I Didn't believe

All I ask is that you roast mine following the same framework: https://bkmark.io

PS: I am no expert in landing pages, I'm learning, just as almost everybody on this website. I however believe a fresh pair of eyes is always welcome on a landing page.

I'll stop at around 4pm UK time.

Let's go!!

  1. 3

    @boristane I gotta say - You are either very talented at building landing pages or you are just too modest 👀

    You've literally got an absolutely amazing website! It was so much fun scrolling through every single part! ✨

    I've made a detailed review on your website using ruttl. You can check it out on https://app.ruttl.com/share/tZ3lx56cal2EkeCD3Ykz. Although I tried really hard to nitpick things, I haven't found much places where you can make changes really.

    Hope the review helps you out!

    1. 1

      Hey thanks for your feedback!

      I took not of the low-q photo and will definitely improve that!

      1. 1

        Sure thing @boristane! Keep up the work 👋

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    Hey @boristane

    First let me say you have one of the best color gradient I've seen on a website.

    Plus, the pop up of people signing up is a good tactic.

    Although, it can have a downside and piss people off it keeps distracting them. Keep that in mind.

    Your header - "shared bookmark for teams with things to do" might come off offensive in someway.

    Off the top of my head, you can go for something like let's say:

    "Shared bookmark that keeps your team together"

    "Keep your team together with a shared bookmark"

    "Bring your team together with all your resources in one place"

    **"Improve teamwork with shared bookmark"

    *Spice it up 👆, those are just off the top of my head.. *

    Your sub-head can stay the same. It passes the message well in my opinion.

    Your CTA - "Start for free" and "Find out more" might be a problem.

    Start for free

    My recommendation would be to add if it's "no credit card required" or perhaps "no registration required".

    Remove the friction and risk barrier.

    Find out more

    No, they just want to share their bookmarks, not find out more.

    You can replace it with "view demo" so they can see what they are getting into.
    Again, remove the friction for your users.

    Moving on, instead of using "Teams and creators" use a number.

    Over 7683+ teams and creators use Bkmark to manage gems they find on the internet.

    Or something related.. You get the idea.. 😉

    The rest of the page is good to go.

    I see that your blog section is still under construction, reach out to me when it's live. I've got some ideas.

    Wish you success.

    1. 1

      Hey thanks @Joe_UrSaaSGuy! I will work on the copy! and I'll make sure to ping you when I have a blog ready!

      1. 1

        No problem @boristane

        I recently worked on an article that's getting good traction and lots of solo founders have found it useful.


        I'm 100% sure you'll find it useful in getting your first 100 or next 1000 customers

    2. 1

      Wow!! Great feedback. By any chance you could roast mine.
      Thanks a lot. 🙏

      1. 2

        Hi @skwasan

        I love the idea about Unplug for a start, but there are somewhat concerning things.
        First, your logo is off in a way and doesn't sit right with your aim for the app.

        Unplug aims for brain relaxation, but the logo, background (dark background??), fonts and color gradient are way off.

        Second, the copy of the website is full of repetition without showing what's in it for the users.

        Yes, they want to block websites that disturb them, but I'm 100% sure I can just close any website on chrome.. Or just move to another tab.

        So why should I get an app to do that??

        Also, your idea is in too many places, you're on a line of an ad blocker and a meditation app.

        Choose one, you can't be both.

        Overall, both the copy and design is barely at the minimum.

        I'll advice you have an overall teardown of everything and repurpose your idea by first identifying your market.

        Then, others can follow.

        And before I forget, why was the #2 product hunt of the day" logo so tiny??

        Congrats on your launch still, wish you success.

        1. 1

          Thanks a lot 🙏 I am completely roasted 🥵
          Thanks. I am not good at designing and learning. I will try to change that. Thanks for roasting it and providing feedback.

      2. 2

        Would look into it now.

  3. 1

    What's Awesome: Consistent and pretty color scheme. Clean interface, nice visuals.

    What's Boring: The pop ups are really annoying. I visited the site on my phone and they almost covered the screen. I don't think the user sign up pop ups are too helpful, though I guess they're cool.

    What's Confusing: Took me a second to figure out what the product did, but I got it after I scrolled for a bit.

    What I Don't Believe: Not much, all looks pretty great to me.

    Now roast me plz: www.sidekickai.co

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    Hi @boristane, I agree with the person below, changing your saas landing page text on the header might not be a bad idea. Also, I would probably remove where it says Migrate Now on the page header. The fewer menu items the better. Other than that everything looks good.

    Here's my landing page to roast: https://twayobiz.com

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    Hi @Boris, Kyle here from Indie London!

    here's video feedback (I'm a little tired, so my thoughts are a bit all over the place, but in short, I think making "twitter more actionable" could be a value prop that you bring more to the fore" -- see video for everything else:


    Here's my website if you have time to roast it: www.hakeema.com

    Thanks Boris! Hope to see you soon

    1. 2

      Hi @FunfKuchen

      A first glance at Hakeema website causes friction based on the header.

      "Make company-wide thought leadership your #1growth engine"??

      I'm a copywriter and I didn't get what that meant for quite a while.

      The average customer out there sure might not either.

      My recommendation would be for you to go for a simpler expression.

      Don't try to complicate things.

      The best things in marketing are simple

      Moving to the other part of the page, your header doesn't connect with your next sub head

      "a natural marketing flow"??

      "Company wide-thought " and "natural marketing flow" doesn't go hand-in-hand when it comes to attracting a lead.

      I still don't understand what Hakeema does even after going through the page 4 times.

      I have a feeling it's a bit of everything and that's not good IMO.

      You can't market to everyone because everyone is not your market.

      "Capture contributions without getting overwhelmed"

      "Tag content to engage different groups"

      "Keep teams and supporters fluent and savvy"

      "Engage your world via newsletter, SEO, and social"

      All of these is taking a bit of everything, instead of picking a particular pain point and focus on it.

      I'd suggest you first identify your unique value proposition.

      With this, you're able to know where you stand in the market and your ideal market.

      After which you can now create a buyer persona based on your ideal market problem.

      All of these play a role in the copy of your website.
      Wish you success, and look into my recommendations.

      1. 1

        Here's my new shot at copy:

        Marketing for thought-leadership teams


        1. Send your team a weekly reminder for contributions
        2. Team members quickly add their latest work and ideas
        3. Hakeema auto-builds your weekly newsletter and hub
    2. 2

      Hey Kyle!

      Thanks for the feedback, I love the loom video. The Twitter bookmarking is a cool value prop indeed, however a lot of people thought then it was just a Twitter bookmarking tool; whereas, there are way more integrations in the pipeline (Pocket, Github, Google Meets, Slack, etc...). I'll find a way to highlight Twitter without necessarily giving the impression that it's Twitter only.

      With regards the hakeema:

      What's awesome:

      • Your copy above the fold is pretty good. Main title got me intrigued, and the subtitle explained it for me and drew me to scroll further down
      • Your testimonials. I like how you kept them sweet and short and you highlighted the key bits.
      • Your Pokemon inspired pricing page

      What's Boring:

      • The video: I didn't understand what was going on, and it's too small to be able to read. I understand you want to give life to the page, it might be better to zoom in on the bits you want to highlight

      What's Confusing:

      • I didn't quite get why the CTA is to get in touch?
      • I would have loved to see a little more of the product. Your illustrations are top-notch, but show me the product :D

      What Didn't I believe:

      • You got me with your page, but I somehow wanted to know more about the integrations and the auto-tagging before signing up. It'd be awesome to have a page detailing how your integrations work and how awesome they are compared to manual work.

      I hope this helps, hope to see you soon!

      1. 1

        This is great @boristane thank you! I like this feedback framework..,

  6. 1

    Thanks for offering your skills, Boris!

    Here’s my portfolio: https://www.braydentw.com

    1. 2

      Hey Thanks for submitting @BraydenTW

      I'm not the best equipped to review personal portfolio websites. I would only highlight that you should probably add a max-width to your page. I have a wide screen and it stretched all across the screen, making it hard to read.

      Apart from that, if I was looking for a front-end developer or designer, I'd consider you.


      1. 1

        Hey btw, I believe I forgot to review yours. Sorry! Here’s my feedback.

        I think it honestly looks great. The colors and the message is very clear. Some nit picky things I can point out are that the nav links (the pricing one) are wrapped on desktop which looks like a design flaw.

        The “powered by AWS” picture on mobile in the footer looks off centered.

        And finally, when i got a popup that said “Jorge signed up”, I was a little confused. When I clicked it took me to the signup page. I see what you’re trying to do, however it would work better if you had:

        • Jorge’s name
        • his picture
        • maybe where he works/or what team he is on

        it would also be helpful if you said a team that signed up:

        “A dev team at Google signed up for Bkmark.io

        That would make this much more credible.

        Anyways, wish you the best of luck!

      2. 1

        Thanks - I guess I didn’t see that because of my laptop haha

        I’ll be sure to fix that!

    2. 1

      Hi @BraydenTW

      I have to say, your designs are awesome and clean, but as a first first time visitor you didn't give me enough reason to pick you and not the other Frontend Developer out there.

      Your website design is quite good for mobile, but a whole lot of faults on desktop.

      You can make adjustments on the desktop version in terms of design.

      As for copy, as I said earlier you have a long way to go. At first your "check my work" had an arrow pointing down, but what came next was a list of your "technical skills"...??? Why?

      You said you've worked with lots of clients, but there's only a, single testimonial.

      The projects you worked on needs to have a story.
      All other sections also had incomplete expressions. It was more like you were skipping to other aspect, and made it in a rush.

      Next time, try go for copy first before design.

      A little tweak to your design will be fine, but copy needs work.

      Wish you success.

      1. 1

        Thanks for these tips! I love love love love getting feedback.

        I agree, the copy definitely needs some work. I’ll be sure to add this to the list.

        Thanks again for pointing this out!

        1. 1

          You're welcome.

          If you need help with the copy be sure to hit me up.

          Wish you success.

  7. 1

    I am not an expert in UI/UX . But as an user I saw the pricing table features are not very understandable in mobile.

    Btw here is mine https://wizards.inoryum.com

    1. 2

      Thanks for the feedback.

      Solid landing page.

      What's Awesome:

      • The wizards/ghost play-wording and the overall tone of the page

      What's Boring:

      • The illustrations
      • There's a lot of technical jargon, when I understand your target customers are non-technical individuals.
      • The header items which just scroll. I think those are not very helpful and distracting from your main CTA

      What's Confusing:

      • A lot of copy which I don't read, and when I do capitalization is not always respected.
      • It took me a while to understand that Inoryum and wizards are the same company? Even now I'm not sure.

      What Didn't I believe:

      • That Ghost doesn't provide this already.
      1. 2

        I don't completely agree. First off I don't know what "technical jargon" you're talking about. The site looks very untechnical actually. Also the illustrations I think are perfect and don't need any work. I think you could maybe explain what's wrong with those things since to me they look perfect.

        Here is the landing page to review (If you didn't see my other post above): https://twayobiz.com

      2. 1

        Thanks for your opinion. I will take a look at those to improve more.
        Btw Inoryum Is the company & Wizards is a product on Inoryum

  8. 1

    Thoughts of a first-time visitor.
    “Things to do’ highlighted — Is it a to-do app?”
    “Who are all these people?”
    “Which one of those blue buttons is the CTA?”

    Seriously though, it’s a great landing page, especially the copy (genius at places).

    You’ve seen mine but anyway 🙂 https://aimotherfuckers.com/

    1. 1

      Thanks for the review!

      I don't quite understand “Which one of those blue buttons is the CTA?”, could you please clarify?

      With regards to your landing page:

      What's Awesome:

      • The simplicity of your page. The value prop is clearly stated, albeit mixed with a lot of sear-words

      What's Boring:

      • The FAQ is quite long, compared to the rest of the page.
      • Having to open the drop-downs and go to a different page to see examples of your work. I would consider putting on the landing page side by side the real copy and your generate copy for some well known brands. Ti highlight how good your AI is.

      What's Confusing:

      • The swearing would be awesome for some people, and off-putting for others. I'm guessing it's your brand identity, so it's good, if you manage to channel it in a nice way.
      • The CTA is to get in touch, but then it's linked on the Amen
      • What's the search icon in the top-right corner for?
      • The last section of your page, after the FAQ links to Twitter, it's a bit confusing

      What I Didn't believe:

      • Your testimonials. They are either too short or confusing.
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