Landing Page Feedback March 29, 2020

Roast my landing page....and looking for feedback from readers! 📕😊

Akhil Nadendla @akhilnadendla

I've been reading a lot lately, so I built The Founder Grind ( Every week I summarize key lessons from the best startup books.

This is for people who…

Struggle to finish business books,
Can’t decide which book to read next,
Or just don’t have time to read everything...

Any feedback is appreciated

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    Feedback from my phone browser (Chrome):

    • There is a considerable blank space between your nav and your headline. Fix it.
    • I would remove the logo above your headline. You already have it in your nav, why show it again? It's redundant and takes unnecessary space.
    • I would add the keyword Founder to your headline so it's actually clear who is going to be smarter in 5 minutes.
    • I'll tweak your sub-headline to make it more personal: instead of "Get key lessons..." I'll use "I will send you the key lessons"
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      Thanks for the feedback! Will fix the mobile stuff asap

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    Hey Akhil, great idea and you are already doing a good job. I'm sure you heard of the Morning Brew newsletter. You should take a look at this UX analysis of their user flow. It is basically a playbook of what you should do in terms of onboarding, etc:

    Also, the landingpage looks great now. I personally feel tgough that the first two lines are rather redundant for me. It just seems like you are trying to target everyone. That might be subjective though.

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      Really cool case study, thanks for the resource!

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    On desktop:

    • The contrast, font, and size make the phone on the right really hard to read
    • Only show "The Founder Grind" with logo once
    • Your post here was more informative than the copy on the page
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      Great feedback. I'll definitely look into improving the copy.

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    Very clean look, no fuss. Well done!
    Next step would be to see the history instead of the single example (when you will have an history of course!), but this page is enough to make me want to subscribe.

    Lean Startup is a great example, BUT I think it may be too well known by this community. Which means reading the example will, for some of us, be actually about assessing if you extracted the same value as us.

    By the way, since you're into reading books, I would definitely recommend MJ Demarco's Millionaire Fastlane which covers other aspects of the perfect idea for a business, which is complementary to Lean Startup (even though the style is definitely different).

    Keep going! :)

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      Thanks! Yep will definitely look into adding all summaries on the site directly overtime. And I'll check out the book recommendation!

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    I like the style, but you have given two style of same link. The mobile design and want to read an example first? link. I would like to see a less clutter free design. It's kind of distracting.

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    Hi, well, i like it, it's really simple and clean, really pretty, i would just padronize the button, the phone top, the phone text, the chat icon and the socials hover's, with the same color, the darker blue (##1f97d3), that's co's i think the button look like it's disable, cta's muts pop, you wanna people to really see them, and the text in the phone is a little hard to heard

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      Yep, good call out. Will try to standardize this a bit more