Roast my landing page - Appreciate the feedback 🙏

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    Hey @meteor333 👋!

    First excellent job - I think as is it's a great landing page and the following are just small details / thoughts:

    1. The H1/H2 could be even shorter .

    Just "The Startup Support Form" or "The Support Forum built for startups" might work for the H1.

    The H2 is wordy. "Customer success interface" just seems like another way to say "Support Forum" but without directly repeating yourself. A rule of thumb I've heard: "When writing on the internet, you should be able to read aloud the sentence in one breath". Maybe talk about the benefits? Like "Never lose a support ticket again" "Streamline your support as a founder" etc.

    1. I would love to see a live examples. I'm guessing this is possible? I'm a startup founder so I'm in your target market. I was looking for an example I could click to on the page. Kinda like how https://plausible.io/ has a live demo.

    2. The customer testimonies would be great with a profile pic (Humans are naturally attracted to pictures of human faces).

    3. I want a demo video! I'm a visual person so I'm looking to consume information in a certain way.

    Hopefully that helps!

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      Thank you @andrew_bass! This is super helpful. I was concerned about the tagline as well, thanks for confirming my suspicions. Also great feedback on live demo and videos as well.

      Appreciate your time 🙏

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        Of course, happy to help!

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    For me Modern support forum doesn't really rings a bell (I might not be your target audience).

    Is it a wiki?

    I don't know what a all in one customer success Interface is.

    Is the brand name edition? The brand style doesn't match the rest, makes it feel like a publisher compared to the sans-serif rest.

    I think you should figure out what job to do be done you want to advertise with. Is it: Build your support community? I find support such a vague term, because every website I visit does it different. Sometimes its documentation, sometimes its a forum, sometimes you can ask questions in a chat. That proposition should be clear to me I believe.

    ""I am definitely a fan and really enjoy working with the product."" That says nothing about the product.

    Im a bit overwhelmed by this site at this point.

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      For me Modern support forum doesn't really rings a bell (I might not be your target audience). Is it a wiki?
      Fair point. It's a discussion forum built especially for customer support. We also help you get all your knowledge base along with your support forum so your users can find answers they are looking for instantly.

      Great points on taglines and testimonials as well. Thank you for your feedback!

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    I think you have done an excellent job. Can't think of any more stuff apart from what @andrew_bass has already listed here.

    All the best for your product!

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    Kuldeep, kudos on making what looks like a decent product. Can't fault you on that. Some first-impression observations:

    • I'd like to see examples of live sites.
    • What makes your system different?
    • What is "the most powerful publisher ever"?
    • Do you really have all those brands as users?
    • I feel like those emojis cheapen the look
    • The look reminds me of CPanel from 15 years ago
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      Thank you, @rimutaka!

      Great points. we are working on linking to a live demo soon.

      Do you really have all those brands as users?
      yes we do.

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