Roast My Landing Page & Get a Coupon!

Hello IndieHackers! I just updated www.ContactLink.com to (HOPEFULLY!) make the value proposition and differentiation clear.

Please have a look at www.ContactLink.com and let me know if you understand what the product is and what kinds of customers would want it.

Bonus points if you post feedback, positive or negative, in the comments.

The App/site is free to try, and anyone here can use the coupon code FIRST30FREE to get the upgraded PRO membership for 30 days.

If you click "Contact Us" on the site and send me a message, I can send you an even better coupon and help you with onboarding.

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    This looks like a great idea and if I needed a service like this I would have signed up. Great idea and great landing page.

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    1. The contact us seems like a CTA, it should feeel more of a demo to try. something like adding an arrow etc?
    2. The right hand image had an impression like its going to be a popup, but when clicked on button it redirected to another page. So I was not able to see that design in the demo. This leads to confusion.
    3. The left & right image on the section below hero has problems. Its not visible completely then also distracts the scroll flow.
    4. If the complete demo cannot be shown instantly, maybe adding a Demo video might help.

    btw, I still don't know how it works :) I didn't read text, just skimmed through the page.

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      Thanks! I struggle with how to demo the features, since it is a really good demo if people actually send me a call or message. But people seem to be very shy and reluctant to do that. I am considering options like a demo video, and having an automated demo conversation, where you are not bothering me but only interacting with the software. I will have to think about what is best.

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        Yes. Why should one wait for 1-2 days to schedule a meeting when he can understand the product in a 5 min video?

        Book a demo works only if you have proprietary enterprise software that cannot be public. Such companies were doing the book a demo, nowadays everyone is doing it.

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          I'm amazed at how unwilling everyone is to just call me now and see how it works. Or text me now. Or hop into the meeting room now. I guess I am learning something and I should stop fighting it...

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            Everyone wants to do it themselves whenever possible. Also hesitant to waste your time for a product they are not sure about. maybe?

            Better to make it self-service and let them only contact you if they have a question.

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              That's a good point and I will change the CTA to something self service. Currently leaning toward "Get the App" since the App is free and includes a demo/tutorial at startup.

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    Hey @JHercules,

    The landing page is awesome, it conveys the idea .

    But I believe a small video / gif visualising benefits of a link , how that link can be useful to call / book appointment , will add more value.

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      Thanks - it could be that the static hero image can't convey all the information, and a short animated GIF or 5 second autoplay video with no sound would communicate more. That is worth looking into.

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    I’m not entirely sure how the solution works still but I am intrigued and am definitely in your target market - which by the way I would remove the for individuals option, this is definitely a B2B product, don’t waste time on consumers since they are much harder to monetize.

    My initial questions: what is the experience like for the potential lead - are they making a normal phone call or is it trying to make some kind of VoIP call from my website? Do they now have to get this app or go to my website/follow a link every time they want to contact me? If you are assigning me a regular phone number like google voice, how are you stopping robocalls?

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      Glad you're intrigued! Thanks for engaging and putting these questions out here.

      How funny that nobody wants to call/text/email me to find out and experience how it works. That is such a big barrier that I did not expect.

      I will give some answers below, but the short video on the "How it Works" page should answer most of these questions, and the videos in the Learning Center answer all of them in detail.

      If you hit the "Contact Us" button and call me, it's a VoIP call through the browser. It's instant, it just works. Hit the call button in the browser and boom, you're on a call. Blows people's minds.

      Guests / Leads / Prospects NEVER have to get the App. They can reply to your emails and call/text you back just like normal. They can also go back to your website and hit the same link to re-start the conversation. Or save the link under your name in their Contacts.

      We filter both calls and emails, such that calls and emails from people you are in a known conversation with come through directly to you. But unknown callers / texters / emailers get sent to a special folder and they don't get to interrupt you. So the right people get through and all the others get sent to voicemail.

      Leads or guests start the conversation from the web, we get their phone/email so they become "known" and they can use their traditional tools (phone/text/email) from there. Or return to the link. Or, if they are smart... get the App which is an even better experience.

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    One minor thing about the product (I say minor but I know this could be a big change, but also can have a big impact in your brand) is to reduce the "notion" of a link and focus more on the contact.

    In your "How it works" demo there's something like this:

    "Person X shares it's contact link to person Y"
    (screenshot of something like: https://contactlink/7089120978jiplqerwpiljsdf)

    My first reaction was "How is this number 7089120978jiplqerwpiljsdf easier than saying: Call me at (555) 123-123" ?

    Now I know you don't have to type the link, you can share it via QR, SMS or email. but I'm techie and I know these details, and yet that was my first reaction.

    Probably making the ContactLink the noun (instead of just "link"):

    "X send Y her ContactLink info" ( screenshot of the app displaying the QR Code, I think you can even customize it with your brand, like Snapchat does, or probably introduce your own code like Spotify does https://www.pocket-lint.com/apps/news/spotify/140964-what-are-spotify-codes-and-how-to-use-them )

    That way you emphasize the user is sharing their ContactLink (your product) instead of just a "link" .

    Now, I know this is not an easy change, but something to think about for the road map

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      Oscar - thanks for the thoughtful ideas! There are some trademark issues around how we use the word ContactLink. I have to be careful, much like Google doesn't tell you to "Just Google It". But maybe I can come up with a better way of talking about our links. Will take some thought.

      1. 1

        Oh I didn't know that. Again, this is minor, I think it's great as it is.

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    Nice idea and good UX execution! One thing that was not clear to me - differences between the free and paid (the Pro version) of your app, as well as pricing.

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      Thanks! I agree this is missing from the landing page. I will figure out how to add this. Price for PRO is $29/mo. The answers are over in the Learning Center (first video), but that's not on the landing page so it wasn't where you needed it.

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    This is fantastic. I clearly see the value proposition. But, I don't clearly see the following

    Who is your target market?
    Do I have to contact you to buy? I'd rather not have to
    What is the price?

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      Great feedback. I agree we should add the pricing and be more explicit about target market.

      For now, I am targeted small businesses where the owner is the expert who closes the sale and provides most of the services. Attorneys, Realtors, Marketers, Consultants, etc. I am targeting this market so I don't have to integrate with 100 other tools at first.

      The price for PRO is $29/mo which replaces $117/mo in other subscriptions (2nd Phone, Call Center Answering Service, Calendly, Zoom).

      You can buy online with a credit card without contacting me, but thus far all our PRO users have needed a demo/sales/onboarding process. But I have been onboarding people who don't work in tech and aren't power users. Good feedback that I need a path for the power users to just buy it themselves.

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        Can you create a 3 minute demo video?

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          I have some short videos on the "How To" page, do they tell the story or are you looking for something else?

          My secret hope is that customers will hit the "Contact Us" button and demo the product by calling or sending me a message.

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            Can you do a 'see the product work' on the main page that feels like an intro but is actually a demo?

            1. 1

              I'm willing to try - can you point to an example of another company that does this well, so I can see what that looks like?

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                I think what you have in "How it works" is a perfect example, but instead of animations use real people using the product, even if it's just screen capture.

                I think it's fantastic as it is.

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