Roast my landing page honest critique welcome :)

Dear Indie Hacker Folk, wondering if I can get some honest feedback from one hacker to another.

I've been through a few different versions of the product and it's positioning and would love your thoughts on the homepage.


Paytable is a tool that lets you sell access to any document, well mostly any Notion, Airtable, Coda, Grist, Raindrop + more.

I wanted to try and illustrate the 'before' the product and 'after' with the product. Do you feel this landing page accurately describes the problem and solution? Thanks for your time!!

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    Hey Joel,
    The overall design is great, but it seems a bit cramped up. Adding margin or giving your sections different colours (you can go with pastel colours to keep the minimalistic design) could make it easier to understand!
    Also change the pictures to SVG format, this will defiantly help!

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    Hi Joel, I think it looks nice. The illustrations look good, all I would echo is that it may be better to increase the amount of white space between sections so it all looks a bit clearer! Apart from that, looks fantastic.

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    The LP looks great. The only suggestion I have in mind is creating a short intro video and putting it on top. I saw few products for which it worked great.

    In addition to that, an analytic tracking tool might help understand where your user stops reading, drops off, etc.

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      Video is so needed! Definitely on the list and a priority, thanks for taking the time to review my site.

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    I suggest increasing (slightly) the white space between you sections. Right now, everything just runs together.

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    Love the fresh look! However, I would:

    1. Increase the white space between your text block and the image before the fold
    2. Experiment with CTA buttons colors and make them brighter and more contrasting

    Otherwise it is a perfect landing page!

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      Definitely need to up that spacing! Thanks so much for the feedback.

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    Hi Joel, love it! The idea is really neat, content is indeed becoming huge!

    As for the landing page - do you have any data on whether users on your website are scrolling through your page entirely? My only feedback would be to include navigation at the top and make your page shorter, length-wise.

    Also, the product we've created could help you figure out where users on your website are dropping off. It's free to use as long as you have up to 5000 sessions/month :-)! Feel free to give it a shot

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      Hey thanks so much. for your kind comments! Okay cool, looks like a really interesting product will check it out for sure.

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    Hey Joel. I really liked! One thing that caught my attention was the logo on the top left corner. The quality is not the best. Probably a size issue.

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      Good points! Needs to be updated :)

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    Joel, can you simplify the visible part of the landing page?
    It's a bit crammed and if I didn't know what to expect I'd be lost.

    I see you went for a minimalist design. It can still benefit from a designer touch. My stackmuncher.com suffers from the same problem (give me feedback too if you have a minute).

    What is an Info Product? Would you target visitor know? It didn't click with me until I read on. Why not say "Sell individual access to your Notion, Airtable and other docs" in H1?
    The images are OK, but they have no informational content.

    Do you know who your ideal customers are and how to target them?
    I would build it for them specifically.
    What do they already know?
    What problem are they trying to solve?
    Are they aware of the problem or do you need to educate them?
    It's harder to sell if you have to convince them they have a problem.

    I wouldn't sell access to my docs, but I would happily use a solution that would trade the access for their email and maybe a linkedin profile if you had Login With. Get in touch if you want to build something like that.

    "What's the problem selling access to Airtable, Notion, Sheets, & Coda?" - do visitors need this at all? Wouldn't they already know? How did they find your site?
    Maybe replace it with an example: AAA Law sells access to their legal templates. Here is how they do it ...

    "How it works" - can it be a single image?
    The current explanation is a bit complicated. I kind of scrolled without reading.

    We are both making the same mistakes. Easy to spot, not easy to get right :) Happy to brainstorm this together.
    You are obviously a dev. Can you tell me if https://stackmuncher.com/about/developers/ addresses any of your needs?

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    Hey Joel I love the landing page. Super clean and simple. Would love to list the business on our marketplace if you are interested?

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      Hey David! Thanks for the kind comments! Sure thing, whats the marketplace?

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    Looks great! The problem is clear as is the solution.

    A few minor design things:

    The "no credit card required" next to the first CTA looks like it is a secondary CTA. I would put it underneath the button.

    The CTA in the "new way" section should be moved out from the right-hand column and placed under the whole graphic. I think it gets lost where it is, especially considering the image next to it contains a near identical CTA but is not clickable.

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    A crammed in, add some animations

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      Great shout, def needs some movement in there :)

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