Roast my landing page (I'm roasting yours in return)

Hello Hackers 👋

It's my first time posting on IH, and I'm super excited to share my project.


This landing page is built for a prelaunch campaign, and I want to know all the things that come to your mind at first glance.

It could be anything: the design, idea, product, copy, you know the drill.

And, of course, you can share your projects with me. You can be sure that I will show no mercy

Have a good one.

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    Hi, I have to say I really love your landing page. You are very clear on what you do and how it works. Seems like a great tool for small sales teams that don't have SDR's or even for an SDR trying to find and qualify more leads. From a visual perspective, the layout looks great, I think the typography could use a little work. In my opinion, the titles look great but the body font is a little different. You are mixing two different sans-serif fonts. Why not try using 'Poppins' for everything? it might make the typography more balanced.

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    Overall, looks good, although from the UX perspective, your font selection for titles/subtitles seems too much "in your face" (i.e., doesn't have to be so bold).
    One more thing you may want to correct is an apparent typo: in the "How does it work" section, under the 3rd step, you have "Earnest", whereas you have "Ernest" elsewhere.
    Good luck!

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      Appreciate it 😄. If you need an opinion or feedback on your projects, don't hesitate to tell me.

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    Nice design and good website overall! I have a few comments:

    • Nothing explains how it specifically works above the fold. I have to scroll down and watch the video or read how it works. "Ernest finds prospective clients" is quite vague. You could change your hero text to something like "Let Ernest scan your Gmail, learn your patterns, and automatically draft emails for similar companies and contacts". THen under your hero you could have 1. Save time, 2. boost your revenue to show the true value prop

    • Social proof is really important "Join hundreds of others waiting for Ernest to launch"

    • CTA above the fold is generally recommended

    Overall it's quite good, actually.

    Would love a review in return! https://www.incognitoforslack.com/

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      Thanks, currently working on the social proof part and implemented a CTA button above the fold. I'm thinking about using that hero text at the top ☺

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        Also, I'm not currently using Slack, so I don't know if my opinion would be relevant for your project, but I've shown it to some of my friends and colleagues. I will come back with some feedback from them

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    It looks ok, spotted a few things tho:

    • fonts galore - pick 1-2 font families and use them for texts, CTAs, etc. Right now the buttons and placeholder text for "your email address" look like they don't belong on the website.
    • how does it work segment looks okay, but images are too small - can barely see what's on them
    • core benefits gradient seems a bit out style comparing to the rest of the website. Try using simple colors or max 2 colors per block

    Ah, and the Get Early Access on the top should be either be a button or removed. Tried to click on it too many times lol.

    P.S. Here's what we are doing at Merge, feel free to roast it here: https://www.indiehackers.com/post/updated-my-company-website-feedback-needed-0c5a70da38

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      Thanks, updated the "get early access" and the images to be easier to understand.

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        Yeah, clearly it got better. Keep up the good work!

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