🔥 Roast my landing page 🤝 I will roast yours 🔥

Hey fellow IHs!

I have finally put together a landing page for my first product - https://fastfwd.to

If you like setting things on fire, this is your chance.

Any feedback is welcome and highly appreciated!

Don't forget to drop a link of your landing page. Then you will get some of my constructive feedback in return 🤝

Looking at the landing page, is it clear what FastFWD does?
  1. Yes
  2. No
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    Hi Giorgi,

    I made some comments with Heurio, you can find them here:


    Overall I think it is a nice tool, so congrats!

    Mine would be Heurio :)


    Thanks and have a nice day,

    1. 1

      Thanks for the feedback!

      Both your app and its landing page look amazing, congrats! The animations on the landing are just perfect.

      Some obligatory roast, so that you know I took time and didn't just scroll through:

      • On landing page, under the "Give clear and actionable feedback" heading, it was not immediately obvious that the items are clickable and content would change
      • I did sign up as I wanted to provide feedback via Heurio as well, but it seems to me I can't use it from Firefox. I don't necessarily mean you should have a Firefox plugin. I wouldn't mind uploading screenshots and adding items from your dashboard if it was possible
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    Here are a few points

    • No favicon (I also don't have one, yet!)
    • Logo too small.. Can't read easily what it says
    • Other than that, simple, straightforward and easy to understand..

    Here is my website, in case you want to take a look and give some feedback https://www.rightqa.com/

    1. 1

      Thank you! I guess it's good that I don't have the favicon as it looks like I need to change the logo first.

      Here's the toast I made from your site 🙃

      • Looking at the hero, I couldn't tell if this was a software product or a human-based service. I think I'd want to get this idea (with a better marketing lingo of course): "Our guys write your tests and our bots execute them regularly".
      • The fact that you don't mention pricing until FAQ, could push away a hefty part of potential leads
      • Speaking of pricing, I think you are trying to make it sound affordable, and it is by no means affordable if it can cost up to 50% of a full-time QA employee. Also, employee based where?
        I am all for charging premium when you can, don't get me wrong. But you don't want to scare away potential customers. Say something like "it costs a fraction of running your own Q&A team", which would be both still true and less scary.

      Love the design and animations!

      1. 2

        Wow.. thanks for the feedback, really helpful , much appreciated.. And about the pricing, makes total sense.. will update the pricing part soon.. thanks again. And good luck with your product. And you know who to reach out to if you need testing services in future ;)

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    Hey Giorgi, I left a Bubble review here.


    the review is design wise.

    I have inspected your site and i see is made with Tailwind.
    I made this https://wickedblocks.dev/ and colorsandfonts.com, use them

    Wicked Blocks is a free project to get Tailwind blocks and sections, the other one is for color palettes....

    As it is, I won't sign up even paid, because I do not trust the author, remember that your site is the soul and face of your company.

    This is my site:


    good luck

    1. 1

      Hey Michael, thanks for taking time, much appreciated. I started with dark mode and my colors didn't translate well into the light theme. I guess I'll have to do some work in that area after all.

      Even though I follow you on Twitter, Wicked Blocks wasn't stuck in my mind that strong. It's like I had heard of it, and then quickly forgot. And it looks SUPER valuable, especially since it's all free! Kind of unbelievable. You should totally tweet more about it, I know I will.

      Regarding ColorsAndFonts: well my main issue with color palettes found on the web in general is that everyone knows most people will use Tailwind anyway, right? So why not go that extra mile and provide the full palette in Tailwind manner - starting from 50 and ending with 900. I think you'd be the No 1 choice among devs if you did that for your palettes.

      0 feedback for wickedtemplates. C'mon you know it's good ☺️ Okay one suggestion: don't add a logo, ever. Make it into your "single php file" kind of story.

      1. 2

        I can help you with that.

        Hey Michael, thanks for taking time, much appreciated. I started with dark mode and my colors didn't translate well into the light theme. I guess I'll have to do some work in that area after all.

        To be honest, I sometimes forget about Wicked Blocks...because I don't work that much on it. Though we are soon launching an update.

        Regarding ColorsAndFonts: well my main issue with color palettes found on the web in general is that everyone.

        We are working on some pretty cool features for it actually and if you use Figma and Tailwind you are going to like it.

        By now you can get the colors on a gist as a tailwind.config.js it can be a good idea about to get it from 50 to 900 i like it.

        0 feedback for wickedtemplates. C'mon you know it's good ☺️ Okay one suggestion: don't add a logo, ever. Make it into your "single php file" kind of story

        I have redesigned the website 21 one times, literally...

        You mean a logo on wickedtemplates? is enough with the name :-)))))

        1. 1

          To be honest, I sometimes forget about Wicked Blocks...because I don't work that much on it. Though we are soon launching an update.

          Thinking aloud.. Why don't you make it an open source project? Yes, we get the code for free already, but why don't you accept contributions? You would get free updates from community, and potentially, a much wider exposure for WickedLabs. Just like Rails did for Basecamp or TailwindCSS is doing for Tailwind Labs.

          1. 2

            it has been, but no one was providing and people was really selfish asking for more and expecting me to work on it daily, now I have other plans with it.

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    "Split traffic to multiple pages with just one link"
    This is good, but maybe elaborate a little?
    ➦ Say goodbye to manual A/B testing and split traffic on the fly with one intelligent link.

    Header: A/B Testing ➦ Intelligent A/B Testing

    Looking good.

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    Hello ello 👋

    So here goes:

    • The site seems very dark/dull. Could maybe do with some colour?
    • I think you need more context around your product. What does it integrate with? Who does it integrate with? Netlify, AWS, Azure?
    • Your fonts are all the same size, Headings should ideally be larger

    Love the idea though dude.

    If you have the time... do you worst Scoop

    1. 1

      Hey, thanks a lot for your review.

      Here's mine for Scoop:

      1. "This Project" sounds a bit weird. I'd place plain old "About" instead.
      2. Your animations are super sexy on Chrome but they're almost non-functional on Firefox. Very laggy. Look into the GH issues of your animation library, maybe someone has a fix.

      Other than that, I like. A lot!

  6. 2

    @mzrnsh it's a short and clear message in the hero/header on what you're DOING, but I had to scroll further to actually understand what problem you're actually SOLVING. The question that keeps coming back to my mind is: how is this normally done and why is your approach/solution better? Let me know if you have any follow-up questions.

    I'm also curious to hear your feedback on my own landing page of Derigo Dash

    1. 1

      Overall, looks very good to me 🎉

      Here are a few points:

      The word 'startpage' looks a bit weird. I don't recall if I have heard that word before in this context.

      "Transform your browser's new tab into.." or "Transform the new tab page of your browser.." or just "Transform the new tab of your browser.." would all sound more natural I think.

      Repeating "chrome store" 3 times seems a bit dull. You could try to liven things up by converting it into a link to your chrome store reviews page, that would help with social proof part. And to help with repetition, you could incorporate dates in the text, or say something like 'Derigo user since 2019'.


      • https://snipboard.io/Wmyt4n.jpg this just looks weird. Even more so on mobile. Maybe your chat widget is missing a background color?
      • Mobile is probably not a priority, but the menu looks a bit off, partially covers the close button

      Other than that, I like the page. Says what it does, and does some cool stuff if you ask me! Are you coming to Firefox any time soon?

    2. 1

      Amazing feedback! Actually I gave a similar feedback to someone else earlier regarding the hero copy, yet I failed to communicate the problem myself 🥲 Thank you 🙏

      Looking at Derigo Dash landing page from mobile rn. Mostly good 👍Got a few points. Will review from 💻 later and send you the entire feedback together.

  7. 2

    Hey Giorgi,

    I love the look of the page, and the two use cases you've outlined make it really clear what it does. I also like the changing text, but I will say that for me when it displays "URL forwarding" it goes on two lines and looks a little janky. Also make sure to add a favicon to it so it's not the default one!

    One last thing, your logo is a bit hard to read and it took a bit to actually see what it said. Maybe redesign it or only do the "FF"s.

    Other than that, it looks great!

    1. 1

      Thanks Joe, great points 🙌

  8. 2

    It's maybe just me but I have no idea how to use your product reading the landing page. It's like a URL shortener that can load different pages, but it's not for shortening?
    From a non-technical point of view, I'm clueless. I can do AB testing, great, but how? How would you describe it to someone who can't code, without an IT background, but came across the idea of split testing and looking for a no-code solution?

    As for the landing page style:

    For the future: after you see how people use your product, I think you should write guides about how to set it up in the most used systems (e.g. Google or Facebook Ads, Shopify stores, etc.). If it ranks well, it could get nice incoming traffic. Just a thought that I considered being useful.

    1. 1

      Hey @tamasszb, huge thanks 🙏 🙏 🙏

      Your feedback is SUPER helpful

  9. 2


    • Love The animated text looks great.
    • For the sign up it takes me to another page for me I'd to stay on the same page to sign up (consider adding a simple text input in the header for sign up)
    1. 2

      Interesting point. I do not plan to ask for anything other than the email for signups so in theory I could inject the sign up form instead of sign up page URLs in various places. But still, that sounds a bit unorthodox to me. Maybe I would still need a dedicated page to put things like ToS and Privacy Policy checkboxes and links.

  10. 2


    • Your images have no alt text. Reckon it's worth adding some for accessibility and so the robots know what the images are.
    • I really like the animated text and really like that its not an image.
    • Not sure well it works but you could try marking up your FAQ section with [schema markup] (https://developers.google.com/search/docs/advanced/structured-data/faqpage)
    • As a developer using a tool like this i'd like to know about uptime of your product, especially if I had a high traffic website. Perhaps you could include a stat somewhere?
    1. 1

      Thanks a lot 🙏

      The FAQ is a joke, especially the UI. I guess I can add the schema when I am reworking it. Good catch together with lacking alt tags. I do care about a11y.

      Great point about uptime, I would never think of it!

  11. 1

    @mzrnsh Love the page it is very clear what you're doing. The only question I have after looking at it is how it actually works with it being no-code. Is it an off domain url?

    https://youareaccountable.com for mine!

    1. 1

      Hey @mattserel

      Yes, it is on my domain. For example, if you run an A/B test for your site, it would be something like https://fastfwd.to/youareaccountable. It would then split the traffic to the destinations you provide. Supporting custom domains is in the pipeline but not a priority right now.

      Your page looks solid. Only thing I didn't like was the popup form that jumped in as I was scrolling. If you NEED to show that form at all costs, consider adding a time counter and only show it after user being idle for few seconds, or trying to leave the page.

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