Roast my landing page: Tech hiring platform for startups

Page Link: https://myth-warp-1624188088.versoly.page/

A little back story:
As a developer I've always disliked solving algorithm puzzles for job interviews, and so do a lot of developers. There's a lot of research that's shown directly testing for the job that the candidate will be doing gives you a better fit for the job.

Recently I talked to a founder friend of mine who made his first hire and he said the process was extremely tough and time consuming. So I talked to a few more founders over the interwebs (you might have seen a recent post of mine) and sure enough there was an underlying pattern of problems faced by founders in attracting talent.

This is the landing page for the solution I have, I'd love to get feedback on it

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    Super cool that you used Versoly for this! How many developers did you hire through your platform/mechanism? I see you've worked with a lot of big brands!

    1. 1

      Thanks versoly really is the sweet spot for landing pages for me

      I see you've worked with a lot of big brands!

      So this is one of the things i needed feedback on. I only mentioned on the site that these big brands use such methods for hiring, which they do, but on their own not through Trip (yet?). Does it come across as fraudulent and scammy?

      1. 2

        Yeah the way you used the logos is counterintutive ;) That is why I commented on it ;)

        1. 1

          Yeah fair enough. I'd have to remove it. Can you tell me anything i can put in it's place or improve the page

          1. 1

            A simple diagram where you should show the process and you can definitely mention those companies name just not in a deceptive way* I guess!

            *deceptive to the person who reads quickly through the page and is used to see logos placed that way as customers

  2. 2
    1. Why is hiring a developer hard? - I think you need to expand on this a bit
    2. Do you already have a supply of developers looking for a job?
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