Roast my site!

I just launch the first version of my job board for roles in data and would be very grateful for any feedback!

I'm going to keep the details light to test the messaging/perceived value.


Thank you in advance!

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    Hey Steve,

    I like the concept of this and think its certainly a big market. One point of feedback is that I would make it a bit more explicit throughout your messaging/branding that the site is for data roles. There are lots of different jobs where titles can mean different things outside of data so it might not be obvious for all visitors immediately. For example, you have your main messaging as 'data titles are ambiguous', but its not entirely clear from before that the site is aimed at data professionals, so when I saw that I didn't fully appreciate the context until I scrolled down.

    Hope this is helpful!


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      Thanks for checking it out and the feedback! That is a good point and is something I will definitely keep in mind as I get to V2.

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