Roast my web3 app landing page

Hey everyone,

We're soon releasing the first version of - https://www.espri.io
and i'd love to get notes on our landing page.

Inspired by NFT projects like Loot and Tunes, we decided to build an app for content creators to generate an initial story as an NFT (no code and without gas fees).

Then creators will be able to sell/give subNFTs of the main one to other creators, similar to getting rights to a franchise IP.

Our thesis is that by that, creators can create a whole incentive system by giving others subNFTs which are like 'shares', now all sides have the incentive to build upon the initial story. Each creator at their own field and platform, creating together a whole story universe while increasing the value of their subNFTs (shares).

I'd love to get feedback, good or bad, about the idea and the landing page.

Thanks for your time!

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    Really simple - take that huge dashboard and move it all the way to the bottom - you display it before I have any idea what I am looking at and its huge. I think it should come last after your explain how it all works.

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    I like the cover of the page, but I think the side-scrolling in the middle of the site is incredibly annoying. The last part of the page seems much smaller sized (at least on the desktop) than the rest.

    I also think that if you are talking about the power of storytelling, you should incorporate it in the page somehow, and tell the story to show the power of storytelling by example. Maybe the story about the power of storytelling regarding NFT :)

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      Side-scrolling will go away! thanks for the feedback🙂

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    Hey there 👋

    You have misspelled monetize in the subtitle.

    I really dislike the side scrolling - it feels very wrong/jarring to me and it distracts from the message.

    The value is not as clear as it could be. Essentially you're offering a way to co-create and monetize content for all participants. I'd try to focus on making that really clear from the get-go rather than the headline and the screenshot.

    The niche you're working in may require much clearer explanations unless you're only talking to NFT junkies who already "get it".


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      Hey, Thanks for your time!

      It's very helpful and I totally agree with all the comments, going to work on it now!

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