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    I just posted one of my projects for sale.

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      Hey Nilesh. That's awesome!

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    I think it looks great! Super clear and easy to use.

    I post this tool (below) a lot as I always use it to check how Google is reading my pages before I publish them. Looks like you've got some easy wins in terms of fixing your heading structure which will make your site a lot more SEO-friendly. 😊


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      Hi Georgia! Thank you for your valuable feedback 😊

      Checked the report and saw that there are things I missed.

      Will optimize for SEO in the next iteration 🚀

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    Since I just launched my website testing tool a few weeks ago, I thought I would run your site through it and report back with what I found. I found some very common omissions that are easy to fix.

    1. Security headers like HSTS and CSP and others are not set. This isn't really visible to the user, so I can see why many websites omit this, but it only takes a little bit of effort to include these and it protects your users, so its good to add.

    2. Your site is missing some favicons, a robots.txt file and a sitemap file. These are all good things to have for SEO, and easy to fix.

    3. Your SPF record appears broken, and your DMARC record is missing. These DNS records are used for authenticating emails, so if you send email to customers, you'll want to fix this or your emails may end up in spam.

    Full Report: https://www.validbot.com/report/b981ba7941e6e3f4d01e6137b86c95f7c

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      Hey Jake. Thank you so much. I will take a look.

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    Hard to roast your website as it looks gorgeous.
    I would however take away the tweet and place it somewhere lower on the page. It takes the attention away from the message of the website.

    Do you know Webflow well by the way, or did you just learn it enough to build this? I'm curious to know about the learning curve.

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      Thank you for your feedback and question.

      I didn't know Webflow before, but I did front-end development for 6 years before, so it was easier for me to onboard and use it.

      It's much easier than code something on React.js or Vue.js. You just need basic knowledge of UI/UX.

      Webflow has a lot of templates and tutorials so you can start building while learning.

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    Is this competing with @MicroAcquire?

    If so, why should anyone venture here instead of the great platform that is seemingly the go-to place?

    On topic: Looks great, feels great. Simple and modern - great job

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      Hey Casey. Great question!

      I answered this one in my video overview. Feel free to watch it here: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/microns

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    Love the idea and the execution! What tech stack did you use to build it?

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      Thank you, Jacob!

      I used Webflow + Zapier + Revue + Google services and, of course, ❤️ to build it.

      My first touch with no-code tools, and they are perfect for building MVPs.

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    I love the concept of buying business online!

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    Spend some good five minutes scrolling down on the landing page, which is a good indicator for my average attention span!

    Works well on mobile, I love the information in each startup profile, great UI/UX. I would add tags for the startups though: newsletter, YouTube channel, education, etc. and then allowing the user to filter. And also being able to filter per other criteria (eg. Asking price, ARR, etc).

    Great job!

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      Thank you, Leticia!

      It's a pleasure to read your feedback 😊

      Will add filtering startups in future releases. Plan to add asking price and ARR filters at the start.

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    Hi Ilya!

    Website really looks good. Love simplicity and discreet style.

    One thing I would add is the ability to filter micro startups.

    Btw, emojis rule 😂

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      Thank you 😊

      Yeah, you're right! Don't have filters for now. Wanted to keep it simple as it.

      In the future will definitely add it 🚀

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    Hey Ilya, one thing which immediately came to my mind is that this site needs some color. 🌈 Pick a color which matches your brand and then use it occasionally here and there :)

    If you struggle selection colors, I just recently wrote a Twitter thread with great tools to find colors: https://twitter.com/dennis_zoma/status/1431284632012525569?s=20

    Good luck with your site 👋

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      Hey 👋 Dennis. Thank you for your response!

      Microns colors are white, black and orange 🍊

      Want to keep colors restrained and simple 🚀

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    I like the concept like micro acquire. The maket-place model is pretty tuff to scale. How did you plan to find the first Micro-Saas ?

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      Thank you, Nicolas, for your question. I looked at Twitter, Indie Hackers, and Product Hunt. Reached to people and asked if they are interested.

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      Just sent you an upvote! :)

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        Thank you, Georgia, for your support!

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      Upvoted! And will definitively be an user ;)

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        Thank you, Leticia. You are awesome!

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    I must ask: what was the reasoning for building this?

    Tons of these marketplaces have cropped up over the past few years, and everyone already knows some of the popular ones. Is there any particular reason you decided to build another one?

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      Feel free to watch my short video overview for more details: https://www.producthunt.com/posts/microns

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      Thank you for your question.

      It's not "marketplace," as you might think. Instead, I am trying to build a community where people help each other buy, sell and operate their micro startups.

      Also, the main focus here is only on micro startups.

      My target customers are indie hackers, developers, designers, marketers, and financial experts. People who want to start their own side project and leave a 9-5 day job.

      It isn't the next crappy marketplace as you could think. It has a deeper sense. Feel free to read my newsletter, and you understand this :)

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    Overall, looks great and it's fun to see so many micro startups :)

    Two nit-picks:

    • It's weird to have to click "Get in Touch" to go to the details page for each startup. Maybe make the entire card clickable? Or the title?
    • You've got the label "ARR" but the revenue for a lot of these products doesn't seem to be recurring revenue (e.g. ecommerce and one-time courses). I expect an acquirer would clarify the revenue type with the seller, but it feels a bit misleading to label it ARR.

    Again, great job. This is a lot of fun

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      Hey Andy. Great questions, thank you!

      1. We decided to do this because users argue when they accidentally click on the card or title, which annoyed them.
      2. That's true. However, it's tough to make it simple and clear with different labels from a UI perspective. So we decided to move with ARR, and when the buyer wants to clarify this, he just contacts the founder, and they discuss this in more detail.

      Have a good day!

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        I think you should rather say:

        STARTUP A

        ARR: $0
        Number of Customers: 250
        CLV: $50
        CAC: $14

        ...and in some other case, you can say:

        STARTUP B

        ARR: $1,500
        Number of Customers: 225
        CLV: $10
        CAC: $8

        I would choose STARTUP A if I am not willing to spend more on each customer and maybe prefer it only if the annual expenses are low.

        I would choose STARTUP B if I am willing to spend more on each customer and maybe prefer it only if the annual expenses are concurrent with the ARR.

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          Wow. That's something I need to think!

          Thank you ☺️

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    Hey indie hackers! Post your ideas on improving our website.

    Welcome to your feedback and suggestions 🙂

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