Roast our landing page

Hi all,
I'm Anton and we're building Prodcamp, a customer feedback management platform.
We've posted our prototype back in May 2020 on Hacker News and got a lot of attention. But there was no actual product back then.

We've been working hard and preparing for the launch soon.

Before we launch, I want to have somebody else's take on our landing page. Please criticize it.
We have the time to make all the changes needed.


Appreciate your time,

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    Hi Anton,

    these are my 3 main suggestions.

    1. More color contrast for better readability
    I like the design of the page, modern without useless animations.

    BUT, that orange-pink color in the background doesn't make enough contrast with the font. I read it, ok. But my eyes fell like an extra effort.

    For me it wasn't a nice experience.

    2. What problem do you target?
    The main headline seems useless.

    It mentions two features or product categories. Landing on it, I don't get any clear information at first sight. Only when I read the subhead I understood the purpose of your software.

    Did you consider to start with a question about the problem of your customers?

    Something like: "Worried to build a product that you customers won't need?"
    More in general something like: "Do you have Problem X?"

    At that point I as a reader understand immediately if the page is interesting for me.
    And for you writing the copy becomes easier.
    No marketing blurb.

    In the headline you introduce the problem. Then in the subhead you promise to eliminate it. And then it will be time to showcase your software in detail.

    3. Not sure about the main picture
    Not 100% sure about this, but maybe put a view of the software instead of the one with the gray areas in place of text.

    Let me know if this makes sense to you.


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    Hi @antonz, glad to see Prodcamp. I run a design agency myself and have been in the designing space for couple of years.

    I would be happy to share a video review of your website. Let me know if find this interesting, then I will send you a link to the video right here in this thread itself.

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    Couple of ideas for the header:

    header 1
    header 2

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