Landing Page Feedback September 23, 2020

Roast our new homepage!


Hey community!
Just refreshed our homepage and features page at SkinSAFE - Your GPS for sensitive skin.
Check out our website and please leave your comments.

Thank you in advance!

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    I can't understand what "Your GPS for sensitive skin means". Can't quite connect how GPS relates to sensitive skin.

    1. 1

      strongly agree with this +1. The word "gps" is very distracting bc the metaphor isn't direct enough imo.

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    Cool idea. "GPS" makes me think that the app helps me locate items in a physical store. But instead, it looks like you're offering a directory of skin-safe products with links to buy them on Amazon or other e-commerce websites. Is that right? Why not say that?

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    I was shown some sort of "loading" icon when the page first appeared. Then I was confused by the prominent picture of a cell phone when I thought your product was about retail.

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    Discover products that are unique to your needs

    I think this statement is too generic and could apply to many businesses besides yours. Maybe you can try a line that speaks in the voices of your audience. The value behind your statement is good, but can you rewrite that statement specifically for your audience? Maybe something like "everyone's skin is different, find something your skin will love". Something like that :)

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