Roast our new homepage!

Hey community!
Just refreshed our homepage and features page at UseItBetter - All-in-one web analytics & optimization platform.
Check out our website and please leave your comments.

Thank you in advance!

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    Is this a GA/FullStory kind of thing but from a different angle?
    I think I had to scroll all the way to the features in order to understand what I'm looking at. Then I scrolled back to the hero and it kinda.. sorta.. made sense. I'm still not sure how it's different from other analytical platforms out there though.
    Given that, I'd:

    • look at other household names in the space and just copy their messaging
    • say <what they're saying> BUT <how you're different>.
    • maybe include a direct comparison right on the landing page.

    This would give your users a clear idea of what they're looking at and why they should choose your analytics overs others. Also, if your differentiator is important to them, they'll likely be googling it and hence mentioning it right on the landing page is extremely important for SEO.

    These are just my $0.02 after staring at your landing page for 2 minutes. Don't take it too seriously :)
    Pictures look nice 👍

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      Thank you, this is very valuable feedback and I have started working on some changes based on it!

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