Roast our new homepage!

Hey community!
Just refreshed our homepage and features page at XVAL - The solution to assess your business.
Check out our website and please leave your comments.

Thank you in advance!

  1. 2

    It looks really enterprise, but I guess that's your target audience.

    One thing I would look into is that I get a "Mixed Content" warning. This means something (image, JS file, ...) is loaded over HTTP instead of HTTPS, which can hurt you SEO.

  2. 1

    German guy here, so I cannot comment on the French texts.

    What I noticed nevertheless:

    • The menu items in the header are not properly centered vertically for me.
    • The site is slow.
      • This is also reflected in the Google Lighthouse score: 34/100 for performance.
      • This can cause
        1. your site to rank worse on Google and
        2. your customers to become impatient and leave the page before it has been loaded.
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