Roast our website store:)

Hello everyone!

We update our website these days - Women and men body shaping wear.

Welcome to have a look and please leave your comments! We would like to know any suggestions about it!

Thank you in advance!

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    1. Get rid of the slider and replace it with a title that instantly explains the products you sell in no more that 2 sentences. It is proven that slider create confusion.
    2. When i add a product to my cart, i am taken to the checkout page. What is i wanted to buy something else or just browse some more? I'd get rid of this and take customers back to the page they were on!
    3. On the product page, that add to cart "shaking" is annoying and seems pushy. I'd get rid of this and just keep it static.
    4. On your collections page, add a filter so customers can find what they are looking for easily rather than scrolling through a bunch of random products.

    Hope this helps

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      Thank you so much! We will try to make it better:)

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