Roast this page? (Praise welcome, too!)

I first launched SurveySays in February. We had an AWESOME three months -- hit $1K monthly revenue by April. But I learned a few things during that time, and pulled the ad campaign.

Now, we're relaunching with a much better product, a new website, and at a better price point. I'd LOVE your thoughts on our website.

In particular, I'd like feedback on the copy. Does this product make sense? Is the purpose clear? Potential uses?

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    Hi Nick,

    I have left feedback on the landing page here: https://screenbud.com/shot/4dcc4274-473f-4091-97c5-c17105098467

    Hope you find it useful and if you have time, I would love to hear what you think of ScreenBud!

    $1K MRR in just 2 months seems quite fast -- why did you decide to change things up? How did you acquire that $1K MRR in the first place (you mentioned ad campaign -- was it expensive?).


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      It was all from Google ads. ROI on those ads was about -25%, so not too bad for the beginning. But I could tell we were losing a lot of these leads because they were looking for more advanced targeting. We pivoted that particular ad campaign to direct traffic to my existing business (PeopleFish), and had another idea for SurveySays.

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