Roast Twayobiz 🔥 - Its the best file sharing service 🤔

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    Hey there! Cool concept.

    I'm a little bit of a design nerd so forgive my feedback!

    • Hierarchy: At the moment I feel like the text is blending together. The way I like to approach it is the "squint" test. Aka if I squint my eyes, what immediately stands out? This should be the most important information, and there shouldn't be anything that's competing with it!
    • Long headings: I'd recommend maybe splitting long headings into two lines of text rather than one line across the entire screen! It's kind of hard for our eyes to track across long distances.
      *Sections: Right now, it feels like each section is blurring together. Have you considered maybe splitting it up by using colour or different shades of your brand colour to make these more distinct and packaged?

    Keep it up! Landing pages take so much time haha.

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      Thank you for your feedback. I needed some feedback on this landing page.

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        Anytime. It's on its way!

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