Roasting a Landing Page

I often see a lot of posts asking IH and users on such other platforms to roast landing pages. Do you think there is a need for making it easy to ask and receive such feedback for Landing Pages? A framework of some sorts that helps organize, analyse, share and act upon such feedback.

Thank you

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    I also think with all the themes out there, roasting a landing page thing become something subjective.

    Most of the theme get usability right, and they don't usually have a lot of issues with contrast, hierarchy etc. thus they're mostly great at UI as well.

    Perhaps the one thing you can get a feedback about your landing page, if you're using a theme, is your copy.

    And it's fairly depends on your business, product, or the problem you're solving. There are some rules of thumbs for sure, such as

    But still there is fair amount of personalization.

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    I was thinking the same thing. As a designer/developer I love reviewing other people's sites to help them improve, but doing this on forums like Indiehackers all I can do is bullet list actionable improvements. It's sometimes difficult to point to where a specific issue is (especially when the site owner isn't that technical).

    Something like https://bugherd.com/ would be great for this, but Bugherd is a paid product from the start.

    Perhaps the functionality to highlight an area and leave a comment would be a great free product, leaving the site owner with a list of tasks. The paid element could then allow the site owner to organise and categorise these tasks on a kanban board for example, and be ranked in order of importance (or number of times the issue has been raised).

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