RocketList - a collection of cloud actions for your site

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    I am going through this pain right now and would love to see if there is anything simple. If it is complex or expensive, I would just write the functions. Actually, what would be useful is a open source functions collections that you can deploy on your cloud account. A third party via may not be my preference. Just adds more things to take care off.

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      Thanks for your feedback! I thought to make it open-sourced. Don't you think it would be useful if it will be already hosted?

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        Well, Hosting is not the problem. I mean if you are already on AWS or GCP etc, that is already there. So, thinking why another host. Open source preference so that if required we can tweak. These things evolve over a period of time and control is handy. Just my 2 cents on how we are thinking and may not be what many others need. The value of course is huge. It is a pain to stitch together functions and make it work. Wish we had a meal concept rather than start from ingredients which is what functions are. I would be happy to buy serverless functions as a functional set and deploy with a click.

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          Thanks for your thoughts, I'm getting a picture of the product right now. Seems like it would be a great way to be distributed by open-source. If someone will like it and won't have any active cloud account would be great to have an opportunity to build a small SaaS with collection of functions on board.

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            Sure. That should work. We are just about building that for linkdra and if you plan to start something in open source, we don't mind contributing to it. Our preference is node.js and aws

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              Sounds great! If I will have a question during my MVP can I write you by email?

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                of course. Not sure if it is within the community guidelines to share email here, but you can reach me through the contact page at linkdra.

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    I think this is too technical or there is something that i didn't fully understand. What is your idea?, A list, an API, a site with a list?

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      Based on the diagram it's an API

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      @adamlui is right. I'm planning this as an API layer of hosted often-used actions.

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    Hey, guys! A few days ago I've got an idea to build a list of cloud-based computing functions with useful and often-used features on web development.

    After deep thinking, I made up 3 features for the first version of my project:

    Sending an email

    Scheduling a notification or webhook call

    User list collections (Subscribers, future clients, and so on).

    What do you think about the potential of the idea? Is it worth to be built?

    P.S. In the link above you can see a small graphical content about this platform. Also if you wonder to track the state of the project, you can follow it there.

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