Help September 11, 2020

Rosie, what do you need help with?

Leo Nagano @Leo

She has always been so helpful with all of us.

Now is our time to be helpful with you.

@rosiesherry, tell us, what do you need help with?

  1. 13

    I'd like people to:

    • think how they can pass on their knowledge and share here on the forum
    • no problem sharing links and ideas about your own stuff, would be good to balance it out better by posting interesting things that is not related to your own stuff
    • I'd love to do some small scale meetups again and maybe explore some regular type sessions.
    • respond to some unanswered posts
    1. 2

      Would love to help the Ice Breaker initiative. Let me know how would you like to proceed @rosiesherry

      1. 2

        love to join meetups 🙌

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