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Rules used in SaaS for Teams to determine who in the team should be the admin?

M. Ali Kapadia @MAliKapadia

Hi all,

Trying to figure something out here.

What criteria or rules do you use in your SaaS for Teams Product to determine who in a team should be allowed to be the admin?

So for instance, if members of a company join your product, how do you determine who in that company is given the privilege to manage & delete the other members?

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    Your discussion with @cyberbadger covers quite well the topic.
    I would just think in terms of 'customer UX' that no matter what, when an Admin (or Super Admin) gives admin privileges to another user, you probably want a message of some sort to warn them about the extent of the permission, including - as the case may be - letting them know that the new Admin could revoke their privilege.

    Generally speaking, you want to ensure that only Admins or Super Admins can create other Admins, not anyone else.

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    Maybe I'm misinterpreting the question but it would seem that it would be up to the customer themselves who to make an Admin (other than the first Admin).

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      So anyone amongst the non-admin customers get to nominate anyone to become the admin?

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        Yes - usually there is some sort of Admin settings page that they can change what type of user a person is.

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          Hmm so once a non-admin has converted a teammate into an admin, they shouldn’t be able to ‘dethrone’ them from being admins anymore.. right?

          In fact, once an admin has been created in a team, only the admin should then be able to create or dethrone admins.

          Am I following this right?

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            Yes - and you can even have a 'SuperAdmin' who is the only person that can change people in and out of Admins. Up to you at this point in how you create the logic.

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