Rust and WebAssembly book

Created my first self-published book with Rust and WebAssembly. You can pre-order the book at here - https://gum.co/webassembly

This book is for getting you started into the WebAssembly journey. The book is divided into two parts:

Part 1 focuses on the basics of WebAssembly, WebAssembly Text Format, onboarding and using various tools like WABT, Binaryen.

Part 2 focuses on converting Rust to WebAssembly for fast, reliable code to run on the JavaScript Engine, various ways of sharing data between Rust and WebAssembly, and how to use various tools that Rust and WebAssembly ecosystem provides.

Finally, the book briefly introduces WASI, the new and shiny WebAssembly System Interface.





04-WebAssembly Binary Toolkit

05-WASM Sections


07-Getting started with Rust and WebAssembly

08-Boundary crossing with Rust and WebAssembly

09-Build, Pack, and Test with Rust and WebAssembly

10-RustWASM Examples

11-WebAssembly System Interface

P.S. The book is in a cookbook format and targeted towards beginners.

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