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SaaS for influencers to "treat" their fans

I have created a free to use SaaS called https://www.awsom.me.

The platform helps influencer or creators to create "Treats" for their fans (or even normal people to share with their friends). Treats are basically small gigs, for e.g, Wishing them Happy Birthday, sharing your workout routine, having a 5 minute video call chat with your fan, following them on social media etc. We create a shareable link for you to share with your fans.

You can set your own price for the tasks you want to do for your fan and get instantly paid for your work.

Any comments will be helpful! Thanks!

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    Looks like it could be interesting but I think you need more details or examples on the site to better explain how it works and how you get paid. To me, "Do something special for fans" seems like a something you do for free to engage your fans but then "Get paid by fulfilling your fans' requests" seems like fans pay for treats. Maybe it's both...not sure?

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