Course Creators October 16, 2020

SaaS Manual Launch Metrics

Nikolai Onken @nonken

Wow, it's been a super cool day yesterday 🙏🏻. I announced SaaS Manual on Product Hunt without a ton of expectations and the response has been amazing.

Before diving into the metrics though, have a look at the picture above. I took this yesterday evening at the sea in The Netherlands, just too good 🌊☀️.

Now let's dive in. In the spirit of being fully transparent about the process of building SaaS Manual into a fully-fledged product, let me share the metrics I have so far:

Email signups

289 folks 🚀 have signed up to the SaaS Manual list. 289 folks who are curious about how to build SaaS products. Welcome each and everybody. I am super happy you joined this adventure.

Website visits

Between yesterday and today, 1.1k individuals 👩🏽‍💻👨🏽‍💻 have visited the SaaS Manual website. Whoop whoop and most came from the Product Hunt announcement. While I don't have any conversion tracking setup, this means that ~25% of the visitors joined the journey, wow!!! You can dive into the metrics here:

Product Hunt

SaaS Manual made it to #9 on yesterdays launch day 🎉🙏🏻. It hovered around #8 for a long time even. Nothing what I expected and I am super happy about this. As of now, 225 folks voted for SaaS Manual, thank you all ❤️.

Twitter, Reddit and Indie Hackers

I shared the announcement on Twitter and gained 18 new followers on my personal account. The SaaS Manual account has 9 followers. Hi wonderful people 👋🏻. I also posted the announcement on this and this Reddit thread and Indie Hackers.

What's next?

I am planning to share on Hacker News coming Tuesday (October 20th, 2020) as the last bigger push to get the word out. After that, I will exclusively focus on actual lesson content.

The first lesson will be how to build a product landing page on Notion (this is what currently is and it works amazingly well right now. I'll share the tools I am using, like Cloudflare, Notion, etc. which helped me get started with this.

Take care and until the next update!

  1. 1

    Congrats on achieving this milestone!

    Did you do anything to promote your product hunt launch? 255 votes is great!

    1. 2

      Hi Alex, I will properly write about what I did in another update, that said, here already some things:

      • Posted on PH at 12am sharp
      • Reached out to friends and colleagues, also old ones and shared the page. Mostly didn't actively ask to vote.
      • Tweeted about it
      • Posted in LinkedIn (though not sure about the value of that)
      • Posted here, on WIP, and on Makerlog

      During the day, several folks reached out offering me to get the post upvoted to #1-4 on PH. Cost ranged from 115,- to 2500,- UDS. I declined all since the point of SaaS Manual is to be transparent and honest about the process.

      Feel free to ask any more questions if you like.

      1. 1

        That's really helpful, thanks

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