👀SaaS pricing advice from employee #6 of a $360M startup💸

Hey IH fam! 👋

Put this video together working with @pbteja1998 to provide him with some advice for his upcoming product launch of MDX.one! (Being built in public here on IH)

Check it out. Hopefully there's some good takeaways for your own acquisition / pricing strategy!


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    Love the fun touch in the beginning and love the entire video format, Maybe next time reduce the background music volume.

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      @vignesh_warar I appreciate the support! Duly noted on the music volume. Sound design is hard to dial in perfectly - I will listen with headphones and it sounds completely different than if I listen without headphones than if I listen on my iPhone! I think the key though is probably to error on the side of caution and go with a lower volume overall.

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    Also, feedback is ENCOURAGED! We're still new to this whole video thing so anything we can do to make this content more engaging, etc. is more than appreciated!

    1. 1

      Question for anyone that watched this video - do you think it was too long?

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    Awesome video guys, congrats!
    The one thing I would suggest -- I think you could experiment with always zooming in on the one talking. Otherwise, it can look a bit weird, seeing the other guy trying to look "interesting" :)

    1. 1

      @CinematicStudio haha you're totally right. There are definitely points in the video where one of us catches ourselves not saying much and then smiles out of nowhere. Since it looks like you're in the video space, if you have any examples of 2 person, 1 shot, that doesn't look awkward - I would love to "borrow" some inspiration :)

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    This is the first time for me hearing about MOAT framework. Started reading up more on that after watching the video. It's amazing!

    I also like how you guys said that learning is more important at the early stages than getting the price right. I can always go back and change the pricing based on how users are responding. Amazing breakdown of everything.

    This video gave me a structure and organized my thoughts of how to think about pricing, instead of blindly following something. Really looking forward to other videos in the series.

    I might just start with the price recommendation that you guys gave. Thanks a lot for making this video. I really appreciate it. Talk to you guys again after the launch, and will let you know how it goes.

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      @pbteja1998 it was so much fun getting to know and work with you even just briefly for this video. You're exactly right - I think we have this fear that we cant/shoudnt change pricing too quickly - when in reality...you can do whatever you want! It's your product, you're the entrepreneur! We shouldn't be afraid to experiment.

      But to your point (and to Matt's) the key is balancing monetization with learnings. If you focus too heavily with a high price, you may deter potential new users. I feel like pricing strategy is more of an art than a science at the early stages...later on, once you have more customers/users, it becomes a science.

      Keep on building, keep on blogging, keep on being an inspiration for others! We're rooting you on Bhanu!

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    hey John!

    lovely video.
    Dod you emailed me last time?


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