March 6, 2019

SalesRight: New Product for Creating Pricing Proposals

SalesRight @SalesRightCo

Hello Indie Hackers!

We've just launched SalesRight - a product we'd love to get your take on.

We have created a platform to help SaaS companies create better pricing proposals through custom, tiered pricing guides. Sales teams can then send these guides directly to prospects and receive real-time notifications and analytics for when the prospect interacts with the guide.

You can check out and try the product here:

We're posting here asking for your general thoughts on the product, if there's anything we're missing, or if you think we need to add something else.

Any insight you have could prove greatly beneficial to us, and we appreciate any input you have to offer.


  1. 1

    The site looks slick, but to be honest I don't really get what it does (other than tracking engagement against a pricing table). Would good if you could spell it out dead simply (though I may not be your target market, could be more enterprise?)

    FYI - if you're familiar with SEO & keyword opportunities - the word 'sales proposal' is high volume and low competition, so you've chosen a very good space to build a tool in.

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