Same product but different storytelling works?

Hi Growth Hackers,
Hope you guys had wonderful holidays!

I recently started a new journey from software engineer to Growth. There are tons of things to learn, and this group helps me a lot! Thank you guys =)

Life from software engineer to Growth is so different, but it's fun challenging new things! I am not the best copywriter but trying to figure out the best message to deliver our value to our potential customers.
Have you guys tried different stories on the same product to find out what works out the best?
If you do, can you share your experience?

The followings are mine, and we are about to try A/B test on this.

-As IS: Talk Instantly with your teams
-To Be: It's the lightest audio call app for your team. We've designed Tappy with the latest in cognitive and neuroscience principles so it's simple, seamless, and human to use. The hardest part is downloading it—the rest is just talking.

Tappy 👈

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    This is lovely. I write story about virtual event, remote working and online community sector. I noticed your product is within my radar. Let me know if I can cover and feature your story on Virtual Mojito

    I can be found on https://twitter.com/felix12777, let's chat!

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    Hi @sallybak,

    Your heading is seems better but before going to A/B test how much do you get traffic? If your landing page traffic is low, testing can be meaningless.

    Also I would consider product screenshot in the hero section. It may effects also.

    Good luck and update here for your test results. I'm curious about results :)

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      Thank you for your feedback. We just launched our open beta a few weeks ago, so still working on getting more traffics from our target channels. when you mention low traffic, did you have a certain member in your mind?

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        Actually there is no certain number but let's say you have 10K landing page visitors and divide them 5K for original group and 5K for variant group.

        If your variant does not JUMP conversion rate like doubled or higher your test wouldn't be statistically meaningful. I saw you are open beta and I guess your traffic is low so my kindly recommendation does not waste your time for A/B testing.

        Since you're beginner, like me :), define your metric related to your main product usage and make bold changes faster. It can be more productive for you ;)

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