Say "Hell Yeah!" or say "No"

I was sent down a pretty interesting rabbit hole tonight by @Michael_Andreuzza (thanks 🤘), and without boring you with the whole adventure, I'll cut to the chase.

I ended up here.

The message? Unless you're feeling like saying "Hell Yeah!!" to an opportunity, then say "No thanks".

Such a simple and obvious thing, but I think it might just have changed my life lol

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    I'm a big fan of Derek's writings! I cold-emailed him for some advice one time after seeing how open to that kind of thing he is ( see: https://sive.rs/contact ) and I was truly surprised by how thoughtful and useful his reply was.

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      I went through that Derek Sivers book in one sitting. Refreshing that he is still approachable.

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      Ha! Awesome! 🤘

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    It's good advice for managing feature requests from customers! I've just had an exchange with a prospective customer who has some very complex business rules around working hours, time off in lieu etc. and whilst it would be possible, it's very niche.

    I wasn't going "hell yeah" to the idea (as nice as it would be to add the revenue) and in the end referred him on to a competitor who had some of the features he needed.

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    I hear where you're coming from, but most people can't always have a "hell yeah" job (or a perfect spouse, or kids, or house, etc.)

    Sometimes you gotta take what you can get and try to turn it into a "hell yeah" situation, even if it's not perfect to start with.

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    Just got to learn if for own ideas as well....

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    It's simple, but it works!

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