Scale went Viral! 150,000 users in 24 hours 🚀. Here's how👇🏽

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    Congrats! Do you plan on monetizing later?

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      Thank you :).

      We built Scale to help the startup ecosystem and hopefully grow Flexiple's brand among startups. The goal is to increase traffic on Scale and to then get some referral leads to Flexiple.

      Not thinking of other forms of monetization now.

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        That's great!

        Other than number of Flexiple customers originating from Scale, what metrics are you using to measure Scale's success?

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          To be honest, I am not immediately looking for customers through Scale.

          So, my only metric for Scale today is traffic. Not this standalone spike but something that can sustain. I have a few targets in mind. Once we hit that, I will try to work tastefully on converting the traffic to Flexiple :)

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    @karthik_2206 nicccce. can you share the reddit post? having trouble finding the link.

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    You might want to change your name, I thought you were talking about Scale.com for a minute.

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    That's amazing, congrats @karthik_2206!

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    Reddit is such an amazing channel - hard to use sometimes but once you crack it, it helps break through the noise, especially when you are early stage. Congrats!

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    Awesome, congrats on all traffic 💪

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    I see inspiration from Undraw, love it -- probably will use it in my app in the future :)

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    Very cool! Any impact on Flexiple from this virality? :)

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      Thanks :)

      Not too much if I have to be absolutely honest. I screwed up a bit, which I am going to write about in a separate post.

      85% of the visitors from Reddit were on mobile - my CTA for mail subscription was not added to mobile, as I added the CTA only on the last day and didn't have time to add to mobile. So, wasn't able to efficiently convert them. Learning for the future, I guess :)

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    Crazy numbers!

    Let me see if I can do the same thing for my copywriting service.

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    Congratulations this is massive. How much time you spent on making those 100 illustrations?

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      (Just copy-pasting the answer I have below)

      I sarted working on Scale in April. But it was built like a side project, so didn't work on it everyday. Worked on it whenever I had time.

      Significant effort went into it, but I'm hoping for consistent traffic and not just a single spike.

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    Those numbers are crazy! Congratulations!!!

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    🚀 Super Awesome :)

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    Congrats! Looks like you cracked the nut of how to do value add first marketing (which I'm still learning). Nice to see that people loved it and you got many signups. Win win!
    How long did you spend prepping for the illustration offering?

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      Started working on Scale in April. But it was built like a side project, so didn't work on it everyday. Worked on it whenever I had time.

      Significant effort went into it, but I'm hoping for consistent traffic and not just a single spike.

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    Congrats! Both for the product and the virality!

    Since you found great success on Reddit, I would suggest to also try your luck on Facebook Groups, people love free stuff in general.

    I have no use for this at the moment, but I bookmarked it anyway! 💪

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      Thanks! That was the plan :). Any specific groups you can point me to?

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        I just went for a quick search and found this group: https://www.facebook.com/groups/websworld

        You can search directly for groups on Facebook, there's a filter for that.

        Have fun!

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          Done! I actually already made a list. Just thought you might know one from personal experience :)

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    Nice work! Good to know a friendly sub

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      Thanks, ya great place to post quality stuff that is useful across varied audiences.

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    Nice one! I was looking for something like this the other day and couldn't find anything!

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      Ahh. Hope it isn't too late :)

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    Same happened with nodesign.dev ..devs love some design resources... congratulations..

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      Thanks! This sub isn't restricted to devs however. That was the cool part.

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    Congrats and what's more important was your server was able to handle such high traffic load in a short period of time.

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      Haha :). I made this on nocode tools. So the website is on webflow. So was handled effortlessly.

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    I mean it's a nice product.

    how much new user from indiehackers and producthunt?

    how it's compared to producthunt or indiehackers in percentage? that would be a very interesting

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      Don't think much from IH. I treat IH more as a place to learn and share.

      PH wasn't great. I am increasingly finding their ways to be quite erratic and without reason. Possibly 0.5-1% of the 150k might have been it.

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        "Don't think much from IH" maybe it's an assumption, for example I joined your list. so maybe it's not about the total number but the conversion rate what I mean with percentage.

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          Ahh, true. We were talking about traffic so I presumed that's what you were referring to. I'll start tracking now.

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      Yup, that's what Google analytics calls it.

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