Self Care October 17, 2020

Scraping my current project, starting fresh


My project became obsolete after I realized a solution like mine has already been released by a company with a community that trusts them and 'loves' them.

Therefore I am leaving this project behind me, as it's also way too complex for me to finish it on my own.

I'm going for smaller ideas now; I just want to finish a project or two...
It's depressing that so much time went for nothing, but there is not really much else I can do now.

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    Just because someone else is doing it doesn’t mean your project can’t succeed.

    Uber / Lyft
    DoorDash / Favor / UberEats
    Dropbox / Google Drive
    Google Analytics / Plausible / Fathom Analytics

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      Absolutely. So many ways you can position/differentiate while having essentially the same product.

      It can even just be as simple as dominating a different marketing channel than your competitor.

      The possibilities are endless.

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      Agreed--is it possible that you can pivot the product's target market to target an audience/problem the other company isn't currently targeting? Is it possible to salvage what you've created already to go in a different direction? Can you build off it in a new way? I ask these questions because maybe you can still make use of all your hard work, but maybe it just needs a pivot? However, I also agree with the first comment. Trust your gut and know that no experience is a wasted experience.

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        At first I had an MVP in mind that could get me off the ground, but I lost all my confidence and motivation to keep it going. As I said above, I might continue on this journey once I finish other ideas that I think have more potential.

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    Always reseach the marker and competitors first! With right branding, you can stand out as well.

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    I had a similar experience. You can always compete but like you said, if you're tackling too much alone, it can be a bit much.

    As for the time spent, think of like this:

    1. you cut your losses early
    2. you didn't waste that time because you learnt alot
    3. you save yourself making some of the same mistakes
    4. now you can get to working on better ideas sooner
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      That's exactly it. I love some other ideas that I have, but I always wanted to finish this project. I think I am going finish some of these easier projects so I get them off my mind and then rethink this project and maybe even contiune it...

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    What do you think if someone execute your side project for 0 to 1 ?

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