Landing Page Feedback May 21, 2019

Lousie Miller @lousie_miller

Dear community,

we need your help to validate our idea! It's about social story writing.

Since 2017, millions of Game of Thrones fans patiently awaited the last season of the acclaimed TV show. Given its unpredictable and complex storyline, as well as intricate character development, the story was poised to be a blockbuster.

Unfortunately for us all, Season 8 garnered the lowest ratings among GoT episode ratings and left many fans disgruntled. This article will not go into the MANY reasons why we found ourselves unhappy about it. There are plenty of stories, memes, and articles already exquisitely expressing all of GoT season 8’s failings. What this article will talk about, though, is the new platform we started as a result of disappointing Season 8 of GoT and many other shows. The shows that build us up into diehard fans only to painstakingly drain our spirits through each arduous episode until the next blockbuster show comes in to save us. Or until we created ScriptHub as an alternative to save us before, during, or after the show’s tenure.

The premise is simple: create an environment where fans and writers can collaborate to develop and refine their own stories, tangents, theories, or just a chance to share an alternative narrative.

Let me know what y'all think. I love and appreciate this community a lot. You guys are always motivating and positive! <3

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    Very fun idea! My main bit of feedback on this landing page is that you're giving way too much prominence to the graphic, which doesn't do much to help me understand your product: I think the page works much better without it. For a writing-centric project, it seems like a good idea to not make a visual the center of attention.

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    The only suggestions I have are to move the medium and instagram links into a header or something! Other than that, it looks great.

    Also, do you need the captcha?

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      thanks for the tip! Makes sense.

      IDK really thought we might prevent spam :S ?

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        I'm not sure where those are going, but services like Mailchimp should be pretty good about removing spam emails. You never know if that captcha could be the one thing that stops someone from signing up...

        Up to you though. Keep it up!