April 3, 2019

Scroll Tracking: Google Analytics Events - Complete Guide

Ahoy Hackerers!

If you have a website, it's natural that you stress over Analytics numbers such as your traffic. While it is an important metric indeed, the information you get in your hands can answer certain, limited, questions.

Say you have other concerns, such as:

🔻On your Homepage, you want to know how far the user scrolls down so you can place your call-to-action button not too soon but not too late either.

🔻On your Product page, you want to know how deep they go, as the average maximum scrolling point can be the best time for an offer in the form of a pop-up widget.

🔻 On your Blog post page, you want to know at which point your reader lost their interest and left the page.

For all of the above, and probably 50 reasons more, you’ll have to install Scroll Tracking.

And this is how you do it!

PS. It’s easier than you think