Seeking CTO for Private Security Recruitment and Careers web app

Hi everyone,

My name is Ali, I’m the current Lead Developer at Quick Click Security (more about me here: https://www.linkedin.com/in/alihalhakim/) where we’re looking for a CTO to take over technical development and operations duties.

A little background

Quick Click Security was founded by my sister (https://www.linkedin.com/in/houdah-quickclicksecurity/) in 2018 and since mid-2020 I’ve been working with her to support and improve product development. However, web development is not my passion (I’m a hardware engineer at heart) which means I’m not able to deliver the right energy or find the personal motivation to accelerate development of this product.

However, I do believe Quick Click Security has huge potential with existing demand but someone with more passion for web development is needed to take the lead. Therefore, we’re looking for someone that can take over my duties and who will formally be CTO.

What we need

  • We need someone with existing web development experience, ideally with: Django, TypeScript, Vue, PostgreSQL, general DevOps know-how.
  • We need someone based in London, United Kingdom
  • We ideally want someone that can work full-time
  • This role is equity only for now (we’re bootstrapped and not yet revenue generating)
    • Your starting responsibilities will be direct development with a sprinkle of strategic thinking and business development with the Founder/CEO.

If you think you’re up for this challenge and fit for this role please drop me an email at [email protected] to talk more. For more information about the current status of Quick Click Security please read on below, otherwise thank you for your time.

-- Ali


Quick Click Security (www.quickclicksecurity.com) is a web platform with a mission to make security an accessible and fulfilling career choice. We want to help create, develop and connect a diverse and passionate community of security professionals by providing resources and networking opportunities through an easy to use, mobile-friendly, web app - a bit like a LinkedIn specifically designed for the niche requirements of the security industry.

Our focus is currently on the UK market although we hope to be able to cater to the global industry in the future too.


The website

The current website is our ‘version 1’ which is a little rough around the edges but it has helped prove the concept and showcase demand for our ideas. It currently provides a free job board for security roles, a paid-for CV service, and various other slightly incomplete features. It has attracted over 2000 registered users and proven there is demand for a tool that makes finding jobs easier for job seekers, and makes finding quality staff easier for employers.

The ‘version 1’ is built with PHP5 and MySQL through outsourced contractors. However, I have already begun the process of moving away from this tech stack.

The in-development ‘version 2’ is being built with Django (Python), Vue3 (TypeScript) and PostgreSQL. If you are seriously interested in this role we can showcase progress of the version 2 to you.

The Brand

The current website combined with social media marketing has established Quick Click Security’s brand and has attracted attention from security leaders from many small and large companies and organisations.

Houdah, the CEO, has relationships with a large number of industry leaders and over a dozen highly integrated organisations within the UK security industry.

The established relationships span from core security governing bodies, to research institutions, to recruitment and back-to-work agencies, to big tech, so business-wise we know we’re in a great place.

We just need the product to deliver the promises now - so that's what this role is for.

We have great ideas and amazing footing so if you think you're up for the challenge and have the right skills please get in touch at [email protected].

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